Double Storey or Single Storey – What’s Right for You?

You might already have a block of land to build on, or you might be planning a knock down and rebuild at your current address. Either way, choosing whether to build a single or double storey home is a common dilemma. Let’s consider the advantages of both single and double storey, so you can decide which will best suit your particular block of land and your lifestyle.


The advantages of building a single storey home

  • Separate zonesA sinagle storey home design can include separate wings for parents, children and living areas to provide distinct zones – although this can also be achieved in a well-designed double storey home.
  • Open plan livingIf you really love open plan living then single storey home designs might be for you – although once again, the right double storey or split level home design can also include open and airy living spaces.
  • Accessibility A single storey home can be well suited for those who might struggle with stairs or are wanting to downsize, though accessibility solutions can also be incorporated in double storey and split-level homes.

The advantages of building a double storey home

  • Superior viewsOf course, additional levels provide a greater outlook on your surroundings. This can mean stunning views and more sunshine and breezes for your entertaining areas and living spaces.
  • A smaller footprintBecause double storey home designs typically have smaller footprints than single storey, you can maximise space on your block. This is perfect if you’d love a swimming pool or a large backyard for young children.
  • Unique locationsOne of the distinct advantages of a multi-story home is that you can build a spacious home on a sloping, narrow or smaller block. Many of our clients have found that these blocks can be more affordable than level sites, which can make a multi storey home a cost-effective option.
  • AccessibilityLifts have become far more affordable and popular in private homes, and are requested by many of our clients. As such, it is entirely possible to have an accessible double storey home.

Of course, there’s also the option of building a split-level home. This can capture the best aspects of single storey home and double storey homes, including accessibility, innovative use of uniquely shaped blocks, spacious interiors and improved natural light and ventilation. Our design and build team at Wincrest Bespoke excel at split-level custom home designs amongst our other specialist services.

Ultimately, the right custom home builders in Sydney will assess your site and ask questions about your lifestyle to thoughtfully envision an ideal home design to suit. To get started, why not book a free initial consultation and site inspection to explore the possibilities?

5 Factors to Consider When Building Your Custom Home on The Northern Beaches

Planning to build a bespoke home along Sydney’s Northern Beaches? There are some unique local factors worth considering so you can maximise views, lifestyle, quality and space. Here are five of the most important factors to discuss with your architectural designer and builder as you plan your custom home.

One storey or two?

If you have a large flat block or if you’re planning for retirement, you might prefer a single level home. If you’re building on a sloping site on the beachfront, then you might make the most of its vertical space with a split-level home that includes beach access from your lower levels. Split-level and multi storey designs from experienced Northern Beaches builders can give you a surprising amount of space on a steep or narrow block.

Maximising your view


If you are lucky enough to be building along the beachfront or on an elevated block overlooking the bush, then you’ll be looking to maximise your outlook. Consider where you spend most of your time in your home, and which rooms you’d like to prioritise for the view. Your custom home designer could incorporate picture windows from living spaces like the dining area, kitchen or entertainment areas to optimise the panoramic vistas.

Keeping your new home light and open

The Northern Beaches have some of the best weather in Australia, so why wouldn’t you design your home to make the most of the sunshine and fresh breezes? Whether you love sitting in the morning sun with a coffee or entertaining a crowd over a leisurely lunch, being able to open your living spaces with stacking or pivoting doors will provide endless options for a relaxed lifestyle.

Building with the right materials

Coastal climates can include exposure to salt, wind and even sand. If you are building close to the ocean, there may well be unique requirements when it comes to building materials. Paint grade, roofing choices, framework and other aspects should be considered in terms of their exposure to the weather. Here’s where it’s particularly important to work with the right custom home builders on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, for peace of mind and a durable home finish.

Swimming pool or beach?

You might be within minutes of the beach or a little further inland. Either way, it’s worth thinking about whether you’ll want a swimming pool early on in the design process. Quality builders on the Northern Beaches will be able to plan the space on your block so you can include a pool later without any compromises for your new home design.

The Wincrest Bespoke team builds stunning custom homes on the Northern Beaches, specialising in sloping blocks and split-level homes. You might like to view feedback from our clients, or contact us to arrange an initial consultation and free site inspection.

Should You Build, or Buy Your Next Home?

If you’re planning to buy or build your next home, you’ll know that the choices can make your head spin. There are builders, estates, floor plans and sales brochures aplenty, but building your home with a custom design can offer a number of advantages. When it comes to comparing the process of building rather than buying an existing home, there are several considerations to factor in.

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A matter of choice    

  • If you’re buying an existing home, you can see exactly what you’re getting. The bricks and mortar are right there in front of you – but you can’t easily change many aspects of the home’s design without renovating.
  • If you’re building with a project home builder you’ll be choosing a pre-designed plan, with some ability to customise and choose your preferred finishes. Any significant changes can cost more.
  • If you’re looking to build with a true custom home builder you get full control over the process and a fully personalised home design, planned for your lifestyle and vision. In June 2020, the Federal Government also announced a new stimulus package worth $25,000 which could benefit those building a new home.
  • With a knock down and rebuild, you could have a new bespoke home that suits your block without having to change your neighbourhood or address.

The many benefits of building over buying

It’s easy to see that building a bespoke, brand new home provides a number of advantages that buying simply can’t. There’s the chance to create a custom home that’s thoughtfully designed and built for your family, land and lifestyle. There’s the little-to-no-maintenance required in your brand-new home. There’s also the opportunity to use innovative new materials and energy efficient measures so you can look forward to a lower carbon footprint and lower energy bills.

Maintenance, renovations and rebuilds

It’s worth considering the potential of any land and home that you’re about to purchase, or indeed that you might already own. Many home buyers automatically look to older homes because they might have a lower asking price, but it’s also key to factor in the costs of any major maintenance, repairs and renovations that might be required in that existing home. You can save money by carrying renovations yourself, but even then the process can cost you your time.

If you’re purchasing an older home that’s seen better days and requires major work, then it can be worth considering a knock down rebuild as an option. In fact, in many cases the cost of demolishing an older home and rebuilding a custom home in its place could be comparable to major renovations – and you’ll get a brand new custom house out of the process! Other benefits can include better views than your old outlook, a better layout for your unique block that gives you more space, and a more energy efficient home. Of course, it’s important to work with the best custom home builders in Sydney to ensure your design and build process will go smoothly with a fixed price contract.

The experience and the unique result

Owning a home is still the Australian dream, and that dream home will be unique depending on your family, where you live, how you spend your days and how you relax when you’re at home. A home that’s perfect for one family won’t necessarily be perfect for another. That’s the true benefit of a custom home or custom rebuild: a design that’s designed from scratch, specifically for you and your loved ones.

There simply is no comparison when you consider the quality and stunning home design you can achieve with custom home building. Your home can stand out from the crowd as well as suiting your lifestyle perfectly. Plus, the personal experience of going through the custom design process and watching your dream home being built can be incredibly rewarding.

Wincrest Bespoke are luxury custom home builders in Sydney with a reputation for crafting beautiful bespoke homes. We welcome you to get in touch to discuss how our services and expertise might suit your first home build.

The Heart of The Home – How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

When you choose to custom design a home, it means that every aspect of your new home will be designed the way you want it, rather than the way you have to.

The kitchen is no exception. We consider every aspect of how this space will be used within your new home and this can come down to the smallest of details: bright lighting for food preparation; a place for everything; perhaps space for friends and family to sit and chat while you cook. Our architectural designers have designed their fair share of spacious, functional and modern kitchens – and below are some of the key aspects we consider for your custom home , as part of our bespoke design and build services.


Making it spacious and inviting

Put simply, the kitchen is really the heart of the home. It’s where our families gather for mealtimes and to discuss how our days have gone. It’s where we dish up favourite recipes. It can be where we proudly display artwork that our kids or grandkids have created, nurture our first precious coffee of the morning and make a cup of tea in the evening. That’s why the kitchen must be an open, inviting and thoughtfully designed space for the whole family – your family.

Exploring how your family uses the kitchen

Every family will use their kitchen differently. We can position the kitchen sink or bench to overlook the back garden, so you can watch your children while they play. You might like a butler’s pantry and sink to clear away the dishes during your famous dinner parties, or a wine cellar for your vintage collection. Or perhaps you’d like a pass-through kitchen window with a sleek bar on the outside so you can serve up cocktails in the summer. With luxury custom home builders in Sydney such as Wincrest Bespoke, this is the level of thought and personalisation that can go into your home design.

Considering space and storage 

Whether it’s just the two of you or you have a growing family, it’s vital to master the size and layout of your kitchen storage. Perhaps you’ll need extra space in your walk-in pantry for the vegetables you’ll be growing in your new garden. Maybe you’d love a sliding door to tidy away your toaster and juicer after breakfast each morning. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a commercial-style stainless steel bench so you can prepare extravagant pasta recipes. It can all be considered with the best custom home builders in Sydney.

Planning out the kitchen triangle 

While it’s important that your cabinets are designed in a style and finish that you love, functionality is just as key. That’s why your architectural designer will design with the ‘kitchen triangle’ in mind. This means that the kitchen sink, cooktop and refrigerator are all within a few steps of one another. It’s a simple enough premise, but it ensures your new kitchen is easy, safe and a joy to use.

Personalising finishes and colours to suit your style

In order to truly personalise your new home and kitchen, our experienced Senior Colour Consultant & Interior Decorator will help you to select external and internal colours, finishes and products to suit your personal style. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek and modern kitchen with polished surfaces, a classic and warm atmosphere complete with native timber flooring or something entirely different, our in-depth design process will ensure your kitchen aesthetic is realised to the highest of standards.

We’d be delighted to show you beautiful kitchens that we’ve designed and built, and the stunning custom homes that have led to glowing testimonials from happy clients at Wincrest Bespoke.

How Narrow Block Home Designs Can Offer Vast Options

Australian home owners are increasingly embracing narrow blocks. Quite often, these smaller blocks can open up a world of opportunities in the most established and desirable of neighbourhoods. A home that’s cleverly designed to suit a narrow block can lead to a home that’s truly yours and unique in all the right ways. So how can you ensure every metre of your narrow block is put to its best use? With the right custom home builders in Sydney, who will consider these essential aspects:

Creating open and vertical space

If you can’t build horizontally, you can still build vertically. Narrow block home designs will feel spacious and expansive with open plan living spaces and high ceilings of 2.7 metres or higher. Large floor-to-ceiling windows can fill each space with natural light and give you consistent outlooks to your green landscaping outside.

Incorporating important features

By working with a custom home builder on your narrow block, you won’t need to forego any of the must-haves you might be envisioning for your new home. A double garage, entertaining spaces, a chef-quality kitchen with plenty of bench space: it can all be possible with the right narrow block builder. We’ve created extraordinary narrow block home designs for our clients with all the mod cons.

Using split-level design to its full potential

There will be many narrow block homes in Sydney that are also situated on a hillside. If your narrow block has a slope, a split-level home design could be an ideal way to keep living spaces open while maximising any views. These house designs are also great for creating separate sleeping and living zones, which is perfect if you have kids, teens or adult children at home.

Thinking about accessibility

If you think only a single storey home can be designed to be wheelchair or walker-friendly, think again. With the increasing use and affordability of lifts in personal homes together with innovative house design, double storey and split-level homes can be designed for ease of access for everyone.

Considering council codes

Your council may have rules for narrow block homes, which may limit aspects such as building height and storeys, setbacks from each boundary or parking provisions. Building with an experienced narrow block builder will ensure that your plans are thoughtfully designed to accommodate these rules, rather than having to adapt to them at a later stage.

Put simply – don’t be narrow minded when it comes to narrow blocks. There’s no need to forego spacious living areas, or to sacrifice a top location or breathtaking view. Despite the smaller space, the design approach can be bigger and better. Smart design techniques, creative use of interior design elements and some architectural knowhow will create some incredible results.

Here at Wincrest Bespoke we love the challenge of building on narrow blocks – after all, much of our best work comes from building within the parameters of a uniquely shaped lot of land. Explore our full range of services, or contact us today to talk through your narrow block requirements. It’s time to think outside the box – narrow, wide or whatever the size!

An Architect or Wincrest Architectural Designers – Which Should You Choose?

When you build with our experienced custom home builders in Sydney, you have flexibility in how you might prefer to develop your custom home design. You might either work with Wincrest Bespoke’s expert in-house architectural designers, or you can also work with an architect of your own choice and bring your DA-approved plans to us. So how do you decide which option will best suit your needs?

If you don’t know where to begin

If you’re new to the world of custom home building or are looking for a seamless process with one point of contact, then you might consider working with Wincrest Bespoke from start to finish. Our architectural designers can work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop your bespoke concept home design from the ground up. Thanks to our familiarity with local planning regulations, your design will be envisioned in a way that that aligns with these regulations to ensure the approval process will be as smooth, accurate and efficient as possible.

Many past clients have engaged an architect and brought their designs to us without knowing they could have started the process with our professional designing services. While we love working closely with architects, there’s nothing quite like building from start to finish with one collaborative team. Depending on the project, designing and building with us can save property owners time and money while creating their beautifully custom home.

If you’re building on a sloping or challenging block

There are several areas where Wincrest Bespoke really shines, and these specialties include building on sloping blocks, narrow blocks and split-level builds. We are one of the only and best custom home builders in Sydney for blocks with a slope of 7 metres or more, and our home designs clearly demonstrate our expertise in this area. Our designers can optimise your views, breezes, natural sunlight and space on even the most difficult of sites.

If you’re planning a knock down and rebuild

When it comes to demolishing your existing home and rebuilding a new custom home in its place, you’ll want to be confident that every aspect of the design is going to be thoughtfully considered. Our architectural designers are adept at reimagining the way a block of land can be used in a knock down and rebuild project. That being said, we can work closely with your chosen architect to match the intended vision for your knock down and rebuild.

If you have a specific architect in mind

Architects can have a unique style that might really connect with what you have envisioned for your new home. If you’ve been following a favourite architect’s work for years and you’re excited to see how they interpret your custom home brief, then you can be confident that Wincrest Bespoke is the builder to seamlessly collaborate with your architect and bring their concept to life. As luxury custom home builders in Sydney we have worked with some of the finest architects available – you can simply ask our team if you’d like to see examples of architect-designed homes we’ve completed.

Whether you ultimately choose to bring your architectural plans to us or create a custom design with our architectural designers, you can be sure that Wincrest Bespoke’s custom home builders in Sydney will be able to understand your vision and create a stunning bespoke home to suit your lifestyle – as we have for many families before.

What Does It Really Mean to Custom Design Your Home?

You’ll undoubtedly hear the phrase ‘custom home design’ used often if you’re planning to build a new home, but there is a lot of confusion out there about what custom design truly means. Everyone from house and land developers to custom home builders in Sydney might use the term in their communications with clients, but it’s time to be clear on this; true custom design is about much more than simply shifting a couple of walls or making minor adjustments to an existing floor plan.

What is custom home design?

Custom home design is truly one-of-a-kind design. That means that when you walk into your newly built home, every aspect of its design, orientation, spaces, textures and finishes has been considered and tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Custom design does not begin with an adapted or reused design.

It begins with an in-depth discussion and an entirely blank piece of paper.

Your floor plan should be designed literally from the ground up, taking into account your block of land and its unique characteristics to optimise the space and any outlooks it can offer. Your walls should take into account the size and structure of your family, the way you interact in your living spaces and your future needs. The street appeal should appeal to you above all others. When you see your custom home design, you should be able to see yourself right at home.

How to ensure your custom house fits you

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, it’s worth thinking about the lifestyle aspects that make you, you. If you work from home often, you might like a light-filled office with plenty of storage. If you’re into woodworking or working on classic cars in your spare time, a double or triple garage with plentiful storage will be ideal. If you have ageing parents living with you at home or your kids are reaching adulthood, then a separate wing with its own entrance will certainly be worth considering so everyone can maintain independence. And if you love having people over, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of kitchen bench space, a butler’s pantry and a spacious front deck for summer barbecues.

The value in a true custom home design

An architecturally designed and built home is not as expensive as you might think. Yes, the finished price may be higher than a standard project home, but with good reason. The biggest benefit to you and your family in deciding to build a custom home over a standard project is that you can build the home that you’ve always imagined.  A truly unique home that ticks all of your boxes – not a “cookie cutter” design that might be perfectly nice but not the home of your dreams.

Wincrest Bespoke is certainly not a project home builder. As experienced luxury custom home builders in Sydney, everything we do centres around delivering the ultimate quality on every bespoke build for our clients. Not only will your home be entirely unique when you build with us, but the way in which we build custom homes, as well as the premium finishes provided, will put your home a cut above the rest. That ensures true value for your investment.


Starting your custom home design

Do you have some scribbled ideas for your dream home on a napkin? Our architectural designers would love to see them. Whether you have a vision or don’t know where to begin, or are working with your own architect to develop your home design, Wincrest Bespoke can work with you to design, construct and bring to life your truly custom home.

So next time you hear any builder say, “yes, we can custom design your home”, be sure to check exactly what they mean by custom. It should always begin with your block of land, a blank piece of paper and plenty of questions about the way you live.