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5 Factors to Consider When Building Your Custom Home on The Northern Beaches

5 Factors to Consider When Building Your Custom Home on The Northern Beaches

Mon 29th June

Planning to build a bespoke home along Sydney’s Northern Beaches? There are some unique local factors worth considering so you can maximise views, lifestyle, quality and space. Here are five of the most important considerations to know when building a custom home to ensure success.

One storey or two?

If you have a large flat block or if you’re planning for retirement, you might prefer a single level home. If you’re building a house on a sloping block on the beachfront, then you might make the most of its vertical space with a split level house that includes beach access from your lower levels. Split-level and multi storey designs from experienced Northern Beaches builders can give you a surprising amount of space on a steep or narrow block.

Maximising your view


If you are lucky enough to be building along the beachfront or on an elevated block overlooking the bush, then you’ll be looking to maximise your outlook. Consider where you spend most of your time in your home, and which rooms you’d like to prioritise for the view. Your custom home designer could incorporate picture windows from living spaces like the dining area, kitchen or entertainment areas to optimise the panoramic vistas.

Keeping your new home light and open

The Northern Beaches have some of the best weather in Australia, so why wouldn’t you design your home to make the most of the sunshine and fresh breezes? Whether you love sitting in the morning sun with a coffee or entertaining a crowd over a leisurely lunch, being able to open your living spaces with stacking or pivoting doors will provide endless options for a relaxed lifestyle.

Building with the right materials

Coastal climates can include exposure to salt, wind and even sand. If you are building close to the ocean, there may well be unique requirements when it comes to building materials. Paint grade, roofing choices, framework and other aspects should be considered in terms of their exposure to the weather. Here’s where it’s particularly important to work with the right custom home builders on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, for peace of mind and a durable home finish.

Swimming pool or beach?

You might be within minutes of the beach or a little further inland. Either way, it’s worth thinking about whether you’ll want a swimming pool early on in the design process. Quality builders on the Northern Beaches will be able to plan the space on your block so you can include a pool later without any compromises for your new home design.

The Wincrest Bespoke team builds stunning custom homes on the Northern Beaches, specialising in split-level homes and house plans for sloping blocks in Australia. You might like to view feedback from our clients, or contact us to arrange an initial consultation and free site inspection.