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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Builder to Build your Home in Sydney

Fri 27th March

Your choice of home builder can influence almost every aspect of your property investment, from design through to the finishing details. This choice becomes even more important when you’re building a custom home, as it takes an expert builder to help you navigate the unknown. But do you know what to look for in a custom home builder? No two building companies are equal, and you may find yourself overwhelmed with options.

Choosing a custom home builder carefully will ensure you have a smooth build process and an extraordinary result that aligns with your current and future needs. If you’re wondering how to choose a custom home builder in Sydney, consider these five essential factors.

Services and Specialisations

It’s wise to narrow down your initial search by assessing the services that a home builder offers and how they relate to your project. For example, if you’re building on a split-level site or planning a knockdown rebuild, you will want to speak with home builders who specialise in these types of complex projects – as costs can skyrocket if the project is mismanaged.

Similarly, search for a good builder who aligns with your expectations. Your family is unique, and as such, your home should be too. Your luxury custom home builders in Sydney should start with a blank slate when designing your home to ensure the result suits your unique land, lifestyle, expectations and budget.

Local Expertise

Narrowing your search for a builder can feel overwhelming, but it makes sense to search based on your future home’s location when looking for a custom builder. A locally-based builder can provide invaluable advantages for your custom build, from clever passive solar array
considerations to the incorporation of exquisite local timbers in your new home. Local experience can also be crucial on complex sites – for example, the sloping sites commonly found in Sydney’s diverse landscapes. While most custom home builders in Sydney will refuse to build on slopes greater than 1.5 metres, the Wincrest Bespoke team specialises in building on sites with falls up to 7 metres. Foundations, positioning, light, drainage and more will all be meticulously considered to make the most of your unique piece of real estate.

Previous Projects and Designs

Building a custom home involves a high level of trust, as you won’t see the final details in person until your home is built. However, you can look through a builder’s completed projects to evaluate their work standards when choosing a builder. Spend some time exploring a custom builder’s portfolio and pay particular attention to how the builder has approached more unique and complex projects.

Whether you’re building or renovating, a builder’s portfolio will give you a good indication of their skill level. The most important qualities to look for in custom design homes will be quality, originality and a strong commitment to the vision of each homeowner.

References and Reputation

You can view thousands of beautifully completed homes without gaining a sense of what it’s truly like to work with a custom home builder. This is where reputation will be vital to your decision-making process. Does the builder freely share their client testimonials, and what are the common themes that previous clients mention?

You might wish to read through review sites to gain an overall impression of the builder’s reputation, or ask if you could speak with one of the builder’s previous clients for a direct opinion. Word-of-mouth is a great way to learn about local specialist builders, so be sure to ask friends and family who have built their home about their experience.

The Working Relationship

It’s crucial to find a custom home builder who appreciates the importance of your project and has a communication style that syncs with yours. From your very first interactions with a prospective builder, pay attention to the level of communication and respect you receive. An experienced building team should be asking questions about your goals and vision early in the process so they can tailor your home’s design and building contract appropriately.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, either. How long does it take to build a house that will incorporate your design choices? Will you have direct contact with your Site Manager throughout the build process? If you wish to work with your architect of choice, will the builder be able to review the plans for buildability, cost-effectiveness and functionality? No matter whether you’re looking for acreage home builders or home designers that specialise in narrow lots, a quality custom home builder will ensure a seamless construction process with clear communication, from initial site inspection to the final touches.

Knowing how to find a custom home builder can help you achieve your vision of a perfect home. If you are exploring options for custom home builders in Sydney, the team at Wincrest Bespoke would be delighted to answer any questions you might have about our process. Simply contact us today.