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5 Reasons Clients Choose to Build a Custom Home over a Project Home

5 Reasons Clients Choose to Build a Custom Home over a Project Home

Tue 3rd November

Choosing a custom home builder is an important consideration for anyone starting to venture out on their home building journey; whether it is custom homes or pre-designed project homes. Our clients have each had their own unique building journey, arriving at the choice of building custom for what can be very different and meaningful reasons. However, these are five of the most common reasons that a custom build can be so beneficial.

Reason #1: Bringing out the best in a distinctive or challenging block

Here’s something to consider – many of Sydney’s most spectacular homes weren’t built on a perfectly flat square of land! If you have a narrow block, an unusually shaped block or a steep sloping block with views, then modern custom home designs will almost certainly be the way to go. Our clients have worked with us to create bespoke designs that maximise their home interior space; capture light and warmth cleverly for comfortable year-round living; optimise site drainage and safety; and of course, make the most of stunning views from living areas. Why would you live in an awkward shoebox on your block, when you can have a spacious and stylish custom home with a beautiful flow?

Reason #2: Creating highly customised features and spaces

Dreaming of a walk-in fridge for epic dinner party preparation? Want to add a home elevator to ensure wheelchair accessibility in a beautiful double storey home? Perhaps you have a grand vision for a smart home complete with energy meters and home automation at every turn, or an extra-large home theatre. With a custom design, it’s entirely possible to develop these features so that they’re integrated aspects of your home design. Many of our clients relish the opportunity to customise their new home in incredible and sometimes quirky ways. Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen. We can also build your own architect’s plans; we have worked with many clients and their architects to bring their unique vision to life.

Reason #3: Transforming an existing property

A knock down rebuild is a sensible choice if you have an existing property where the home is showing its age, or where the block currently isn’t being put to its best use. Our architectural designers approach the block with a completely fresh approach to suit your family’s lifestyle and preferences, and carefully consider orientation and layout to optimise the site’s use. Some clients have been delighted to gain a large backyard with space for a pool where there wasn’t room before, while others have been delighted by the extra rooms they’ve gained for their growing family. Many gain better views from their same block, too – all without having to leave their favourite neighbourhood.

Reason 4#: Building a dream lifestyle

For many of our clients, their choice to build a beautiful custom home design also coincides with a significant lifestyle change. For some that means a house that’s designed for a dream retirement, with accessibility features and entertaining zones built right in to make the most of all that newly found spare time. For others, it might mean a brand new acreage homes with a sprawling, open custom design. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a large parcel of land on the North Shore, Sutherland Shire or Central Coast, you’ll want to work with custom home builders who understand the lifestyle of a larger block and can design to suit.

Reason #5: Having a home like no other

Who wants a house like everyone else? Put simply, there is an alluring appeal in walking into a home that is entirely, completely yours. New clients often seek us out when they are seeking something that will perfectly fit their family over the long term and match their ideal lifestyle in every way. No two families are the same – so why should your home be the same as any other? If you are at the beginning of your home building journey and are looking for the right home builders in Sydney, you are very welcome to get in touch with the team at Wincrest Bespoke. We’d be happy to talk through the possibilities and arrange an on-site inspection for your block.