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7 Reasons You Should Build a Custom Home

7 Reasons You Should Build a Custom Home

Fri 29th May

When it comes to finding your next home, you might choose to buy an existing home, build off the plan, or request an entirely bespoke solution to suit your needs. There’s a multitude of reasons that building a custom home is the superior choice – and here are seven of the most compelling.

  1. You’ll love the design.
    Pure and simple, a custom home is designed specifically for you. We take into account which architectural styles you love, how much space you’ll need and how you love to live. The result is a home that suits you: A house you’ll love looking at as you pull into the driveway, and somewhere that truly looks and feels like home.
  2. Spaces are designed for your lifestyle.
    When building a custom home, you can prioritise what matters to you. If your family loves watching a movie together every Friday night, then let us design an epic home cinema to suit. If you’re big on entertaining, let us design a multi-function space that provides the perfect backdrop for your gatherings.
  3. Your home is designed for your block.
    Every block of land is unique, and every home should be too. The best custom home builders in Sydney can bring out the full potential in a block of land through custom services, particularly for house plans for sloping blocks with views, narrow blocks and unusually shaped blocks. Your home can be customised to make the most of views, light, ventilation and more.
  4. You’ll be surrounded by your colours and your choices.
    You simply don’t need to put up with someone else’s taste in paint colours, bathroom finishes or door handles. Your custom home building process will include the ability to select finishes that you’ll love to be surrounded by every day. There’s a real sense of joy in using a kitchen benchtop that you personally chose, for example.
  5. You can get great value for your investment.
    Why buy an existing home or build an off-the-plan home that doesn’t quite suit, when you can build a bespoke home to suit your needs? When you consider the square-metre value you get with a custom home, it’s an easy choice. The thoughtful custom home build timeline ensures that you won’t be paying for anything you don’t want – and everything you do.
  6. You could well have lower energy bills.
    Building materials and energy-efficient design principles have come a long way in recent years. In working with the right builder, you can have a new home that is positioned perfectly to catch winter sun, allows fresh breezes through living spaces in the summer and is built with energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems.
  7. Maintenance will be minimal.
    A brand-new custom house means no old plumbing issues, no shady electrical work and no peeling paint to deal with. It’s all modern, clean and bright, ready for you to move in. That means years of enjoyment and time to spend in the garden or relaxing, rather than fixing.

Life’s too short to live in a house you don’t love. To get started on your own design, get in touch with the respected Wincrest Bespoke team today. Our stunning custom home designs demonstrate our expertise as luxury custom home builders in Sydney.