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8 Must Haves When Building Your Custom Home in Sydney

8 Must Haves When Building a Custom Home

Tue 18th August

Building a house can be one of the most exciting and challenging adventures you will ever embark on. Between finding the perfect piece of real estate, drawing up a floor plan, hiring an architect and home builders, and actually designing and building your home – there’s a lot to consider! How long does a DA approval last in NSW? Where will you live during the building process? What features are a must-have in your home design?

One of the primary appeals of building a custom home is that it will be created specifically for you. From the position of the sun to the slopes on your property, the team at Wincrest will consider every essential element to tailor your home to you and your family. We’ll ask you about the main reasons for building your new home, what may be missing in your current home and talk about your favourite style – be it coastal Hamptons, French Provincial, traditional, contemporary or modern.

As your home is designed from the ground up, there are some essential design features that you should consider to ensure that your home design will be beautifully customised for your lifestyle. If you’re currently weighing up whether you should buy a brand new house or build, here’s what you need to know about building a bespoke home with luxury custom home builders in Sydney.

Space for your Family’s Current and Future Needs

You may well have changing needs if you’re thinking about building. Perhaps you’re upsizing, downsizing, wanting extra space for your growing family or elderly parents, or simply modernising. Whatever your needs, it’s essential to consider how your living space will be used when building a new home.

Our team will ask you questions about how you plan to live in your dream home to ensure it provides all the space and features to meet your needs both now and in the future – including the ideal number of storeys, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and walk-in robes. This means no more rushing around in the morning as everyone in the household struggles to share the bathroom as they get ready! Instead, you can choose to attach an ensuite to every bedroom in the house if you wish.

Your Personal Must-haves

Your new custom build is your chance to truly tailor your home to your lifestyle. So take a moment and ask yourself: are there any must-have features that will make your new home truly yours? What do you see when you envisage your dream home?

For example, social families may want extraordinary entertaining spaces or alfresco areas with cooking features for outdoor barbeques. Meanwhile, fitness enthusiasts will definitely appreciate a pool, private gym, and dedicated fitness areas. Alternatively, if you are considering multi-generational living, then personal offices and studies, secondary dwellings and oversized pantries will be high on the list.

Simply put, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a custom-built home! Furthermore, thanks to rapid developments in smart technologies, we can also incorporate new devices and smart home features, such as home automation, ‘smart’ air conditioning and home lifts. Whatever it is you have in mind, Wincrest Bespoke is here to make your dreams a reality.

Personalised Media or Living Rooms

Aside from the kitchen, your living room is one of the main places where the family gets together and relaxes. With that in mind, it must be a wonderfully comfortable and personal room that is dedicated to your family’s interests.

With technological advancements providing us with an endless array of media to consume, why not create your own home theatre? TV and movie buffs might request a media room with a huge flat screen or a projection system at its centre, complete with a professional sound system and luxury seating.

Alternatively, homeowners who want a space to escape from technology might choose a screen-free room centred around a sunken lounge, or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, or even an acoustic space for instruments and music. Whatever your passions and however you like to relax, these rooms can be designed to suit any interest.

Plentiful and Well-Placed Electrical Outlets

With all of the technology available at our fingertips today, it’s vital to carefully consider where and how many electrical outlets should be located throughout your home at an early stage. Here at Wincrest, we always think about aspects such as office areas, charging hubs, outlets placed for vacuuming points and even the placement of night lights and lamps, as well as exterior outlets for entertaining spaces.

More than that, however, is how your wiring will appear once all your furniture and electricals are in place. In many households, hardware choices mean that your wiring soon becomes a tangled mess. However, when you work with a custom home builder, your designer can suggest outlet placements that not only look good but keep clutter to a minimum.

High Ceilings

Ceiling height can be a favourite factor in a custom build because high ceilings are so often an afterthought with a project home build alternative. The main benefit of high ceilings is their illusion of size. Tall ceilings can make rooms feel larger and give more surface area for natural light to reflect and disperse throughout your home, especially if you couple high ceilings with extra-large windows.

High ceilings also provide more space to make interior design choices that really stand out. For example, artworks and photographs to be positioned to make a statement, while a fireplace chimney could become a focal piece. Alternatively, you can also use this as an opportunity to play with light fixtures such as pendant lights or chandeliers to add a dazzling element. This one single detail can make an extraordinary difference to your home design.

Kitchen Storage that Suits You

The idea of a custom kitchen is truly exciting for many clients because this space can be completely customised to suit. For example, yours might include extra deep drawers for pots and pans, dishwasher drawers that are easy to empty, or cupboards that are situated just right for any ‘vertically challenged people in the family!

The ability to choose tailored finishes is also priceless. Choose stunning granite, marble or polished concrete benchtops and the types of tapware you will pair with it. It’s also worth considering whether you’d like your fridge and dishwasher integrated into bespoke cabinetry to create a streamlined effect.

Generous Garage Space

If there’s one common peeve of new project built homes, it’s that the garages are almost always cramped. Now that you’ve decided to build your own custom home, it’s your chance to plan a wider, double or triple garage, so it’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of the space every day! You’d be surprised by how even a few inches of extra door width can make life easier.

For those wanting their own private space, you might additionally like to set up a home workshop with built-in shelving or have space to work on motorbikes and cars if this is a personal interest.

Sustainable Design Practices

Sustainable measures can not only minimise your environmental footprint in your new home but also ensure year-round comfort and quietness – and lower your energy costs. The two main considerations when it comes to sustainable homes are high-quality insulation and passive solar design, which positions living spaces to make the most of winter sun and summer shade.

At Wincrest Bespoke, we factor in quality insulation and passive design as a matter of course. We also highly recommend incorporating heating and cooling solutions at the early planning stage, as well as any technologies like smart thermostats, battery capabilities, EV charging capabilities and solar.

If you’re ready to begin the planning process with an experienced custom design home builder in Sydney, the team at Wincrest Bespoke provides the services and experience to ensure every detail in your new home will be considered. Contact our team today to discover more about our process for creating your dream home!