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8 Must Haves When Building Your Custom Home in Sydney

8 Must Haves When Building Your Custom Home in Sydney
Tue 18th August

One of the primary appeals of building a custom home is that it will be created specifically for you. We’ll ask you about the main reasons for building your new home, what may be missing in your current home and talk about your favourite style – be it coastal Hamptons, French Provincial, traditional, contemporary or modern. We consider every essential element to tailor your home to you and your family.

As your home is designed from the ground up, there are some essential design features that should be considered to ensure that your home design will be beautifully customised for your lifestyle. Here are eight must haves when building a custom home with luxury custom home builders in Sydney.

Space for your family’s current and future needs

You may well have changing needs if you’re thinking about building. Perhaps you’re upsizing, downsizing, wanting extra space for your growing family or elderly parents, or simply modernising. We ask you questions about how you plan to live in your dream home to ensure it provides all the space and features to meet your needs both now and in the future – including the ideal number of storeys, bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and walk in robes.

Your personal must-haves

Your new custom build is your chance to truly tailor your home to your lifestyle. Are there any must-have features that will make your new home yours? This might be a personalised home study, extraordinary entertaining spaces or alfresco areas, a formal dining space, a butler’s pantry, fireplaces, a secondary dwelling, private spaces, a pool or a private gym. We can also incorporate new technologies and smart home features, such as home automation, ‘smart’ air conditioning and home lifts. Whatever it is you have in mind, it will be a possibility with Wincrest Bespoke.

Personalised media or living rooms

Your living room is where the family gets together and relaxes, so it’s imperative that it will be a wonderfully comfortable and personal room. You might request a media room with a huge flat screen or a projection system at its centre, or a screen-free room that’s centred around your musical instruments. If you’re a collector you might like custom shelving and display to display your memorabilia. Whatever your passions and however you like to relax, these rooms can be designed to suit.

Plentiful and well-placed electrical outlets

With all of the technology available at our fingertips today, it’s vital to carefully consider where and how many electrical outlets should be located throughout your home at an early stage. We typically think about aspects such as office areas, charging hubs, outlets placed for vacuuming points and even the placement of night lights and lamps. The placement of exterior outlets for entertaining areas should also be considered.

High ceilings

Ceiling height can be a favourite factor in a custom build, because high ceilings are so often an afterthought with a project home build alternative. Tall ceilings can make rooms feel larger and give more surface area for natural light to reflect. They can also give more space for artworks and photographs to be positioned to really make a statement. This one detail can make an extraordinary difference to your home design.

Kitchen storage that suits you

The idea of a custom kitchen is truly exciting for many clients, because this space can be completely customised to suit. Yours might include extra deep drawers for pots and pans, dishwasher drawers that are easy to empty, or cupboards that are situated just right for any ‘vertically challenged’ people in the family! You can choose stunning granite, marble or polished concrete benchtops. It’s also worth considering whether you’d like your fridge and dishwasher integrated into bespoke cabinetry to create a streamlined effect.

Generous garage space

If there’s one common peeve of new project built homes, it’s that the garages are almost always cramped. Now’s your chance to plan a wider, double or triple garage so it’s easy to manoeuvre in and out of the space every day. You’d be surprised by how even a few inches of extra door width can make life easier. You might additionally like to set up a home workshop with built-in shelving, or have space to work on motorbikes if this is a personal interest.

Sustainable design practices

Sustainable measures can not only minimise your environmental footprint in your new home, but also ensure year-round comfort and quietness – and lower your energy costs. The two big considerations are high quality insulation and passive solar design, which positions living spaces to make the most of winter sun and summer shade. At Wincrest Bespoke we factor in quality insulation and passive design as a matter of course. It’s also worth incorporating heating and cooling solutions at the early planning stage, as well as any technologies like smart thermostats, battery capabilities, EV charging capabilities and solar.

If you’re ready to begin the planning process with an experienced Sydney custom builder, the team at Wincrest Bespoke provides the services and experience to ensure every detail in your new home will be considered.