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An Architect or Wincrest Architectural Designers – Which Should You Choose?

An Architect or Wincrest Architectural Designers – Which Should You Choose?

Fri 5th June

When you build with our experienced custom home builders in Sydney, you have flexibility in how you might prefer to develop your custom home design. You might either work with Wincrest Bespoke’s expert in-house architectural designers, or you can also work with an architect of your own choice and bring your DA-approved plans to us. So how do you decide which option will best suit your needs?

If you don’t know where to begin

If you’re new to the world of custom home building or are looking for a seamless process with one point of contact, then you might consider working with Wincrest Bespoke from start to finish. Our architectural designers can work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop your bespoke concept home design from the ground up. Thanks to our familiarity with local planning regulations, your design will be envisioned in a way that that aligns with these regulations to ensure the approval process will be as smooth, accurate and efficient as possible.

Many past clients have engaged an architect and brought their designs to us without knowing they could have started the process with our professional designing services. While we love working closely with architects, there’s nothing quite like building from start to finish with one collaborative team. Depending on the project, designing and building with us can save property owners time and money while creating their beautifully custom home.

If you’re building on a sloping or challenging block

There are several areas where Wincrest Bespoke really shines, and these specialties include building on sloping blocks, narrow blocks and split-level builds. We are one of the only and best custom home builders in Sydney for blocks with a slope of 7 metres or more, and our home designs clearly demonstrate our expertise in this area. Our designers can optimise your views, breezes, natural sunlight and space on even the most difficult of sites.

If you’re planning a knock down and rebuild

When it comes to demolishing your existing home and rebuilding a new custom home in its place, you’ll want to be confident that every aspect of the design is going to be thoughtfully considered. Our architectural designers are adept at reimagining the way a block of land can be used in a knock down and rebuild project. That being said, we can work closely with your chosen architect to match the intended vision for your knock down and rebuild.

If you have a specific architect in mind

Architects can have a unique style that might really connect with what you have envisioned for your new home. If you’ve been following a favourite architect’s work for years and you’re excited to see how they interpret your custom home brief, then you can be confident that Wincrest Bespoke is the builder to seamlessly collaborate with your architect and bring their concept to life. As luxury custom home builders in Sydney we have worked with some of the finest architects available – you can simply ask our team if you’d like to see examples of architect-designed homes we’ve completed.

Whether you ultimately choose to bring your architectural plans to us or create a custom design with our architectural designers, you can be sure that Wincrest Bespoke’s custom home builders in Sydney will be able to understand your vision and create a stunning bespoke home to suit your lifestyle – as we have for many families before.