Fixed Price Guarantee

Fixed Price Contract

At Wincrest, we believe the more precise and up-to-date our information is, the better we can prepare a contract that suits your budget and meets your specific building requirements.  It is also how we guarantee our fixed price contracts.
Before preparing our fixed price contract, we arrange any quotes that may be necessary and specific to your block.  We commission experts to:
  • Undertake a site inspection to better understand the land’s site fall, sewer connection points, and other service locations.
  • Provide a detailed contour survey (done to 200mm increment accuracy)
  • Commence bore hole drilling to determine soil type
  • Carry out any necessary assessments to confirm building restrictions
  • Arrange for any required quotes and reports
Having this information up-front  means we can provide a true assessment of your new home cost. And you can better prepare your new home budget without any nasty surprises.
*Fixed Price Contract excludes rock excavation and must adhere to specific time limits

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