Choosing Colours is Not what it Used to Be

Choosing Colours is Not what it Used to Be

When I first started with our family company in the home building industry there was not a great deal of choice in colours and finishes, let alone building products.

Many years later, more than I care to remember, the whole colour selection process has changed enormously.

The plethora of home improvement shows, such as Better Homes & Gardens and The Block, have created greater interest in the use of tiles, stone bench tops, feature walls in various colours and all types of different building products.

Brick manufacturers have for instance gone from a few colour choices such as red and cream to ranges of pastels, Velours, smooth face, metallics and many others.

Remember when bench tops were laminate or granite? Now you also have different types of reconstituted stone finishes complemented by European style taps. Even door knob fashions have changed and there are so many different types to choose from.

That’s good news for home buyers who now have a wonderful array of styles, colours, hues and finishes to choose from. You can be as bold or subtle as you like as you make your selections with the aid of our colour consultant team. In fact we have a showroom specifically for that purpose and Helena will guide you through the many exciting choices.

There is one point I should mention here. It now takes a lot longer to make your selections of exterior and interior colours and finishes. In fact we now organise lunch for our clients because we want you to take time with your decisions.

So, for that reason we suggest doing your research by looking at home magazines and other material available before coming in for the all important selection day.

This is where you breathe life into your home and personalise it in your individual style. We will guide you through the fashions and styles, but in the long run it’s your choice and it’s an exciting choice.

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Jordie Caruana