Confused about the home building process?

Confused about the home building process?

You’ll confidently walk through the home building maze when you talk to Wincrest

While some builders say “yes we can custom design your home” they really mean “we can move a wall or two”. Others say “of course we can build on a sloping block” when they really mean “We can only build on land with a slope less than 2 metres.” Some builders say “We offer faster approvals” while you are forced to wait up to 12 months for a DA.

With so many builders saying so many different things, it is little wonder people are confused!

At Wincrest, we are here to cut through the home building confusion, offering sound and practical advice so you can make the most informed decisions about the building of your dream home.

Below, we respond to some of the most common misperceptions presented by other builders. We encourage you to read them and make your own educated choices.

Fully Custom Designed Homes – more than just moving a wall

Many builders say they can customise a design, but they can really only make minor adjustments…like moving a wall!

A fully custom designed home is just that – a one-of-a-kind home that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of your family, land and budget.

When choosing your new home builder, make sure you look for one that offers fully custom designed homes as it is your only guarantee of a unique home that’s a perfect match for your family.

A builder that offers a full custom design will be able to accommodate any request you have. You might need a self-contained space for the in-laws, a workshop for your business, an alfresco off the front or an extra garage. The sky is the limit!

Whether you’ve got a concept in your head, ideas sketched on paper or complete architecturally drawn plans, Wincrest will work with you to help fully custom design and build your new home, from scratch.

Plus, you might be surprised to learn that a fully custom designed home is often similarly priced to a standard design.

Homes for Sloping Blocks – because Sydney is a city of hills

Sydney is famous for its rolling hills, so whether your land slopes downward, upwards or sideways, make sure your builder can build on the sharpest of sites.

Many clients come to us after having other builders tell them they can build on their steep site. However, it turns out they can’t! You see, most builders won’t build on a site with a fall greater than two metres. Wincrest, however, can specifically design homes for sloping blocks with a fall up to seven metres.

Both split level, and fully custom designed homes, are a great choice for a sloping block. Split level homes work with the land’s natural slope and will maximise the space available on the land. A fully custom designed home will also work with the block to take advantage of views, cross breezes and the natural flow of light. However, it will also be a one-of-a-kind, meaning you won’t see it anywhere else!

A builder like Wincrest understands the challenges of a sloping block and has the experience to realise its full potential. We can design a cost-effective home that works with the slope, not against it.

Faster Approvals – move in sooner

How often do you hear a builder say they can start building your dream home within three months? Not often, I bet. At Wincrest, not only can you start building your home within 90 days of returning your first draft plans, you’ll also know all your new home costs upfront!

CDC (or Complying Development Certificate) is a State Government initiative aimed at making the approval process much simpler and faster by allowing applications to be determined by a private certifier without the need for a full DA.

It can slash months off your new home build as, if you have met all the criteria of CDC, then you will have your approval within 10 days. On the other hand, most councils can take anywhere up to 12 months to approve a DA.

Further, you are not allowed to lodge a CDC without including the total cost of your new home. That means, with CDC, you will always know the true cost to build your home… before approval.

Discovering whether your home meets CDC requirements is as simple as talking to a Wincrest New Home Consultant.  They’re experts in CDC and will work with Accredited Building Certifiers to assess whether your home meets the CDC requirements and can preapprove CDC at the time of your tender.

Building the home of your dreams doesn’t have to be a confusing process! At Wincrest, our honest and open communication will see you confidently walk through the home building maze.

Call us today for your obligation free, on site assessment.

Gerard Caruana