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Custom Home Designing Without the Budget Blow-Outs

Custom Home Designing Without the Budget Blow-Outs

Fri 10th April

Whether you’re working with budget home builders or luxury home builders, you’ll most likely have a budget in mind for your home build project. When building at the bespoke end of the market, you’ll naturally be looking for exceptional quality and attention to detail for your investment. How can you ensure your budget is being put to its full potential, without unexpected budget blow-outs?

The key to a successful design and build is to work with a design and building team with three specific qualities.


A designer/architect with expertise and experience that’s relevant to your project will help you to avoid the hidden costs of building a home – and there can be many, depending on the project. The same goes for your home builder. One prime example is that of sloping sites. An inclined block can impact on the overall cost of your project, and complexity and costs of the project can sometimes increase along with the steepness of the slope. By working with an experienced designer/architect and builder with extensive knowledge in these more complex sites, you will ensure you receive breathtaking views and a breathtaking home – rather than breathtaking bills.


Communication is central to designing within your budget. Before working with a builder, ensure you review their client testimonials to assess how well they worked with past clients. If you can communicate your cost requirements clearly to your designer/architect and builder, and if they have the foresight to ask the right questions about your vision and lifestyle, you will vastly improve the likelihood of opening your door to a beautiful home that comes in on or under budget. Being able to speak frankly about choices in materials and design elements can be vital on both sides of the relationship, and quality designers, architects and builders will be able to suggest ways to extract top value for your dollar.

Transparency is key, so feel free to ask questions at every stage of the process. For example, most builders won’t build on a site with a fall greater than 1.5 metres. If your block is sloping and has fall, ask your builder up front if they are happy to build on your land – rather than finding out later that they can’t.


Designing a custom home is all about focusing on the right elements – the elements that matter to you. By working with a team that works to your requirements in detail, you’ll be able to obtain maximum value for your budget. That might include innovative storage solutions for your home workshop; sustainability measures that can save you money in the long term; or paying extra attention to the rooms where you’ll spend the most time when at home. This all comes back to communication and asking the right questions throughout the design process.

There is no magic answer of how to build a custom home on your budget as every home is unique, but there are shared qualities of those who will consistently deliver outstanding results. Choose your customer home builder well, and you’ll have a true partner throughout the process.

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