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Double Storey or Single Storey – What’s Right for You?

Double Storey or Single Storey – What’s Right for You?

Tue 30th June

You might already have a block of land to build on, or you might be planning a knock down and rebuild at your current address. Either way, choosing whether to build a single or double storey home is a common dilemma. Let’s consider the advantages of both single and double storey, so you know what you need to know before building a custom home.


The advantages of building a single storey home

  • Separate zonesA sinagle storey home design can include separate wings for parents, children and living areas to provide distinct zones – although this can also be achieved in a well-designed double storey home.
  • Open plan livingIf you really love open plan living then single storey home designs might be for you – although once again, the right double storey or split level home design can also include open and airy living spaces.
  • Accessibility A single storey home can be well suited for those who might struggle with stairs or are wanting to downsize, though accessibility solutions can also be incorporated in double storey and split-level homes.

The advantages of building a double storey home

  • Superior viewsOf course, additional levels provide a greater outlook on your surroundings. This can mean stunning views and more sunshine and breezes for your entertaining areas and living spaces.
  • A smaller footprintBecause double storey home designs typically have smaller footprints than single storey, you can maximise space on your block. This is perfect if you’d love a swimming pool or a large backyard for young children.
  • Unique locationsOne of the distinct advantages of a multi-story home is that you can build a spacious home on a sloping, narrow or smaller block. Many of our clients have found that these blocks can be more affordable than level sites, which can make a multi storey home a cost-effective option.
  • AccessibilityLifts have become far more affordable and popular in private homes, and are requested by many of our clients. As such, it is entirely possible to have an accessible double storey home.

Of course, there’s also the option of building a split-level home. This can capture the best aspects of single storey home and double storey homes, including accessibility, innovative use of uniquely shaped blocks, spacious interiors and improved natural light and ventilation. Our design and build team at Wincrest Bespoke excel at split-level custom home designs amongst our other specialist services.

Ultimately, the right custom home builders in Sydney will assess your site and ask questions about your lifestyle to thoughtfully envision an ideal home design to suit. To get started, why not book a free initial consultation and site inspection to explore the possibilities?