FAQ’s Part Two

FAQ’s Part Two

Welcome to the second blog in our Frequently Asked Questions series: a blog where we answer commonly asked questions, so you can gain a better understanding of both Wincrest and the building process.

Q: Is it best to knock down and rebuild, renovate or move?
A: There are pros and cons for building a new home, renovating and moving. However, in the longer term, we believe it is best to build. Here’s why:
– You can continue to live in the neighbourhood you know and love
– Everything is brand new, so you aren’t dealing with old electrical, roofing and plumbing issues
– The cost to build is often far cheaper than the cost of renovations (it is estimate half as much per square metre)
– Save on stamp duty, agent’s commissions and moving costs
– You can choose to go green with improved power savings, insulation and water saving measures
– Every Wincrest design is fully customisable so you’ll get the house you want, every time.
– You can personalise your interior, avoiding having to rework someone else’s tastes or mistakes

Q: Do you provide a fixed price contract?
A: At Wincrest, we believe every client deserves to know up-front what their home will cost. That’s why we always provide clients with a full and comprehensive fixed price contract. Clients can rest easy knowing the cost to build their home is true, transparent and competitive. And there won’t be any unexpected costs or budget blow-outs!

Q: Our land is in a bushfire and flood zone.  Are you able to help me?
A: Absolutely. We have helped many clients build their dream home in flood and bushfire affected areas.  With over 30 years’ experience building in bushfire and flood prone areas, we can show you ways your home can meet all of its legal and safety requirements whilst still enjoying the landscape and keeping you and your home safe.

While these are our most frequently asked questions, if you have any other questions you’d like answered, we invite you to email us directly at enquiries@wincrest.com.au. One of our experienced team members will get back to you shortly.