Flame Zones

Flame Zones

Look to experience if you want to build in a Flame Zone

Australia’s love affair with the great outdoors sees many families buy land close to bushland. However, serious bushfires that have ripped through parts of Australia in the past have left many people unsure of their choices when it comes to building their dream home in fire-prone areas.
While there are extra design and construction requirements you must adhere to when building in such areas, there is no need to compromise on your dream home.
And we should know!
Wincrest has worked with many families to design and build their dream home in areas with a high Bushfire Attack Level (BAL).
What is a Bushfire Attack Level?

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) measures the risk to your home and land during a bushfire. It is based on factors including suburb, type and proximity of vegetation around the land and the slope of the property.
According to the NSW Rural Fire Service, there are six bushfire attack levels for NSW, ranging from Low (the lowest threat of bushfire) through to the highest risk level known as Flame Zone.

Can I build my home in a Flame Zone?

It just means the requirements are more stringent, especially around building materials. For example, the requirements stipulate conditions for materials and thickness of walls plus the use of shutters, screens, window glazing and non- combustible roofing material.
If you do buy land in a Flame Zone, you’ll need to choose your builder carefully as many won’t build on land classified as Flame Zone.
However, Wincrest does! Wincrest has years of experience building in bushfire prone areas and can show you ways your home can meet its BAL requirements while still enjoying the landscape and keeping you and your home safe.
You can find out more about Flame Zones and its building requirements by reading Australian Standard: 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas 2009 (AS3959). Alternatively, contact your local Wincrest office.