How Alfrescos Have Changed the Way We Live

How Alfrescos Have Changed the Way We Live

Home designs have always changed to keep pace with our lifestyle choices. For instance we have gone from having lots of corridors in homes to much more open and light filled interiors.

Single entry doors have made way for double doors and an entry foyer.

Kitchens are now designed to interact with dining and living areas, rather than being hidden away, becoming the heart of the home and a meeting point for family members. It means the family member preparing food can still be a part of the conversation and at the same time keep an eye out for the children playing outside.

To enjoy the outdoors, homes often feature timber decks but there has been a move to alfrescos over the past decade or so to give protection from the blazing sun in summer and inclement weather in the winter.
Just as there are more and more restaurants and cafes offering alfresco dining Mediterranean style, alfrescos have become a integral part of many homes.

At first they were simply, basic rooms added to the home with access to the outdoor garden. But today they are much more sophisticated areas providing a sanctuary for casual entertaining and family relaxation blending the indoors with the outdoors.

They give a spacious effect to the home allowing streams of sun light to brighten the interiors. Most designs have the interior living areas and rumpus rooms relating to the alfresco and beyond for an attractive open look.

Outdoor style furniture and the great Australian barbecue are the usual components of the home’s Alfresco but many families take it to another level with an outdoor kitchen, gas heaters and/or air conditioning. Some may feature stylish timber ceilings to add to the richness of the alfresco.

Sliding doors provide security and a wide choice of floor tiles adds class to the alfresco floors. Often the alfresco area allows access to a garden pool setting, just like a resort, with all the rich colours of flowers and shrubs providing a delightful backdrop.

It is obvious that our homes have become more than simple shelter or as we always used to say “a roof over our heads”. Now the emphasis is on creating a haven or a resort style location where we can relax away from the normal rush and bustle of getting to and from work.

And, if you work from home as many people now do, the alfresco is a great place to have a break and recharge the batteries. It is also a nice setting for informal meetings.

Whichever way you look at it, it looks like the alfresco is here to stay. I invite you to talk to our team about including an alfresco in your Wincrest design. They will advise on the best way to make the most of an alfresco area to enhance your home’s interiors and their relation to the great outdoors.

More news soon.

Gerard Caruana