How Long Will it Take to Build Your New Home?

How Long Will it Take to Build Your New Home?

It’s a wonderful time signing up to build a new home and it’s easy to get caught up with the special deals and the exhilaration of the moment.

But you need to ask, when will our home be built? It’s a key question because you will need to plan your life around the time you move into your home.

If you have to rent, while your new home is being built, then obviously the longer it takes the more rent you have to pay. And, how long do you arrange to rent?

If you are staying with family or friends it would be very helpful if you could give your hosts some idea of when you will be moving out.

Then if you have children there is the problem of getting them into the local schools and so the list goes on. Even if you are selling your old home, to move into the new one, knowing when your home will be ready to move in will help you time the sale.

As a family home building company we looked at the issue and created the Wincrest Build Time Guarantee. That means we will actually give you a date when your new home is ready for handover.

This enables our customers to plan their move and make all the necessary arrangements around a specific date.
We pride ourselves in keeping our customers up to date with construction progress right through the whole process. You know exactly what stage we are up to at any time.

Now we have the Build Time Guarantee. When you add our Fixed Price Guarantee and our Complying Development Certificate to speed up the approval process you have greater peace of mind.

And your peace of mind is very important to us. It’s what keeps people coming back to us and referring family and friends.

More news soon.
Gerard Caruana