How to slash months off your home build

How to slash months off your home build

Imagine if you could cut months off the time taken to build your new home.

Imagine the money you’d save on rent.

Imagine if you could also save up to $15,000* off the price of the home.

Well imagine no more! This is the reality with a Wincrest Quickstart CDC.

Building a new home is one of the most rewarding adventures you can take with your family. Unfortunately, factors that are beyond a home-owner’s control – such as council approval times for development applications – can detract from the joy and make it a stressful time for families.

At Wincrest, we aim to make the journey of building a new home as pleasurable as we can – and that means taking whatever action necessary to ensure you are in your new home as quickly as possible. That is why we encourage all clients to learn about their eligibility for a Wincrest Quickstart CDC.

What is CDC?

Introduced in February 2009, CDC – or Complying Development Certificate – is a State Government initiative that simplifies the entire building approval process, slashing the time your home building plans await approval.

CDC was introduced as a result of the Government wanting to push forward the building process within NSW. It felt councils took too long to approve domestic housing and wanted to cut the red tape found in the approval process for dwelling houses on residential lots of land.

It’s a move that can see you into your new home faster than ever before. In fact, a Wincrest Quickstart CDC is so effective in reducing approval times that 75% of our Quickstart CDC clients start building within 90 days of receiving their first draft plan.

What are the benefits of CDC?

The main benefit of CDC is clients can slash months off their new home build. Many of our clients have reported substantial decreases in overall costs because of time saved as well as significant savings on rent and running a second home.

Plus, clients who use a Wincrest Quickstart CDC can save up to $15,000* off the price of their new home.

What is the difference between CDC and DA Approval?

The main difference between CDC and DA is time frame.

With a CDC you’ve got a 10 day time period meaning, if you have met all of the criteria of CDC, then you will have your approval within 10 days. Most councils can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months to approve a DA.

How do I know if I am eligible for CDC?

Most homes, in most council areas, can be built using a Wincrest Quickstart CDC. It just has to comply with CDC requirements.  We will consult an Accredited Building Certifier who will assess whether your home meets these requirements and can preapprove CDC at the time of your tender.

Standards for Complying Development include:

Land zoning is correct
Land size is correct
Height 1 or 2 storey
Correct setback and heights
House-to-land ratio
It is important to understand that every owner has the option of this fast track approval system. With the time and money you can save it is worth investigating this option before you get your house plans drawn.

Wincrest Homes and CDC.

Wincrest Homes is leading the way with its Quickstart CDC. Not only does it provide our clients with a more efficient approval process, they enjoy the benefit of a top quality home they can to move into, much sooner.

Unlike other builders, Wincrest doesn’t charge for CDC. In fact, we offer clients an additional saving of up to $15,000* for choosing the CDC approval process. We do this because we recognise the savings CDC provides to both you as our client and to our business.

Of course, there are conditions that apply. Talk to the New Home Consultant at one of our display centres to find out more. Alternatively, you can visit our website for further information.

A Quickstart CDC is just another part of the Wincrest VIP service. After all, we want you to be enjoying your new Wincrest home as soon as possible. You deserve it!