Is Building Your New Home A Split Decision For You?

Is Building Your New Home A Split Decision For You?

Newhaven – Our popular split level design that suits side sloping blocks.

Finding a builder who will build on your sloping block is not an easy task. While there are builders who will build on blocks with a mild slope most won’t tackle any block with a significant slope declaring it to be too hard.

The Wincrest team is experienced designing and building homes for sloping blocks whether it is a downward slope or an upward slope or for matter sloping from side to side.

We have some beautiful split level designs for sloping blocks in our standard range but the team will also custom design and build, to create just the home you want no matter what the topography of the land.

Many of these blocks are also narrow. That’s where the experience and skills of the Wincrest designers come to the fore creating designs that will not only fit the block but also create superb living spaces for contemporary living.

The good thing is we offer these special services for sloping and narrow blocks in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas.

Many of the split level homes we build these days are also knock down rebuild projects where an old home is replaced by a brand new Wincrest design.

Negotiating with local councils for approvals and overcoming the issues of building in an established area is something our team of people are handling every day. They have established important links in many areas enabling them to streamline the process.

Most homes, in most council areas, can be built using a Wincrest Quickstart CDC. That means reduced approval turnaround time, simplification of the building approval process a decrease in overall costs due to time saved and removal of the need for a development application.

So, if you have a split decision to make for a sloping block whether it is wide or narrow I invite you to talk to the people at Wincrest who have the design solutions for a fabulous future lifestyle in style.

More news soon.
Gerard Caruana