Living Better Thanks to Knock Down Rebuild

Living Better Thanks to Knock Down Rebuild

No doubt you have noticed the large number of tired old houses being replaced by brand new homes across Sydney and Central Coast suburbs.

Thousands of families have grabbed the opportunity to transform the way they live, relax and entertain by taking advantage of replacing the old family home that has outlived its usefulness. Others who have always wanted to live in a particular locality look for old homes they can buy and then knock them down.

Knock down rebuild has become popular of course due to the lack of suitable land in established areas where many people want to live. For people living in a suburb they like with schools and other amenities they enjoy, staying in the same place makes sense. You like the neighbours and you have a network of friends and family close by, so why move?

That raises the next question, do you renovate or knock down rebuild? Renovation naturally comes to mind but when the quotes come in the idea of replacing the old home comes to the fore.

Firstly, it is actually more economical to replace the home rather than renovate it (per square metre)* and, secondly everything is brand new from the foundations to the roof tiles. You are also not restricted in the design of the new home because you are starting from scratch, whereas with a renovation you may be restricted in what you can do.

I have spoken to many families who have chosen Wincrest for their knock down rebuild project and they are always delighted with the result. The transformation in the way you live in your new home is truly amazing with the latest in designs, finishes and colours.

The children can have the rumpus room where they can hang around, your friends will be impressed with the light and bright free flowing interiors. Just imagine you will have stylish bathrooms and spacious bedrooms as well as a separate toilet to take the rush out of the rush hour.

Not only do you have the styles and layout you always wanted in a home you have probably added value to your investment. Often it’s the little things like more storage space that make it just right and the big things like the designer kitchen that relates to the alfresco and merges with the outdoors that create the stunning effects.

The choice of builder for your knock down rebuild project is critical. Because you are building in an established suburb there are issues such as access, privacy and the total building envelope that need to negotiated with council. Then of course your land may be sloping and is likely to be narrow.

The Wincrest team is very experienced and highly skilled at tackling knock down rebuild projects. In fact they get a lot of satisfaction from the delight they see on the faces of the happy clients when the project is finished.

That means the Wincrest team will lead you through the process from start to finish to ensure you know exactly what is happening right throughout. You will of course have our famous fixed priced contract giving you piece of mind that you are not going to have nasty cost surprises down the track.

I have to say I am proud of the total design flexibility we offer to customers and of course, we can custom design and build to make sure you get exactly the home you want. Even if you have a block of land that has a slope that other builders won’t touch our team can help to make it happen.

So if you plan to do a knock down rebuild in the near future I would like you to talk to our team. You won’t regret it!

More news soon.
Gerard Caruana

* Based on Housing Industry Association research