FAQ’s Part Two

Mon 16th July
Welcome to the second blog in our Frequently Asked Questions series: a blog where we answer commonly asked questions, so you can gain a better understanding of both Wincrest and the building process. Q: [...]
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FAQ’s Part One

Mon 2nd July
We’re always encouraging our clients to ask questions. After all, designing and building a dream home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. And the best way to ensure you make the [...]
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DA Approved Plans?

Thu 3rd May
DA Approved Plans? We build from those too. At Wincrest, your home doesn’t have to be designed by us, to be built by us. This means we welcome your own designs (or architecturally drawn [...]
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Mon 7th August
Choose a Wincrest Approved Demolition Company and Save Time and Money Clients undertaking a knockdown rebuild sometimes ask if they can demolish their home, themselves. While the short answer is yes, the long answer [...]
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Wincrest’s Site Inspections

Thu 6th July
“Builders were always telling us they could build our dream home. They’d never even ask about our land! After we’d pay for the tender they’d tell us it wasn’t possible to build the home [...]
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Meet the Managers

Thu 6th July
Have your questions answered THIS SUNDAY 9 July! The beginning of a new financial year is a great time to start your new home journey! For those who dream of starting their new home [...]
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Flame Zones

Wed 14th June
Look to experience if you want to build in a Flame Zone Australia’s love affair with the great outdoors sees many families buy land close to bushland. However, serious bushfires that have ripped through [...]
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Thu 8th June
Asbestos – what it is and what to do if your home contains it. We often meet people who, during a knockdown rebuild, want to save money by undertaking the knock down themselves. However, [...]
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Narrow Blocks

Fri 17th March
Just because your block is narrow doesn’t mean you should compromise on your house design. With demand for land in Sydney at an all-time high, we are witnessing a real trend towards narrow blocks. [...]
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