How to slash months off your home build

Wed 13th April
Imagine if you could cut months off the time taken to build your new home. Imagine the money you’d save on rent. Imagine if you could also save up to $15,000* off the price [...]
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10 Benefits of Building a House instead of Buying One

Wed 13th April
It’s the age old question many Sydney investors and potential home owners ask themselves – Do I buy or build my dream home? Whilst there are pros and cons for both building a new [...]
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Why it all comes down to the Inclusions

Thu 16th July
If there is one thing I have learned in my many years working in the building industry it’s that the choice of a new home builder often comes to rest on one thing…..inclusions. What [...]
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Rent or Buy a Property?

Thu 26th March
It's a debate that has been going on for years. Should you rent a family home or buy one? There are supporters of both propositio ..
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Is Building Your New Home A Split Decision For You?

Wed 25th February
Newhaven - Our popular split level design that suits side sloping blocks. Finding a builder who will build on your sloping block is not an easy task. Wh ..
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How Alfrescos Have Changed the Way We Live

Tue 13th January
Home designs have always changed to keep pace with our lifestyle choices. For instance we have gone from having lots of corridors in homes to much more open and light filled interiors. Single entry [...]
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How Long Will it Take to Build Your New Home?

Fri 28th November
It's a wonderful time signing up to build a new home and it's easy to get caught up with the special deals and the exhilaration of the moment. But you need to ask, when [...]
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Living Better Thanks to Knock Down Rebuild

Wed 22nd October
No doubt you have noticed the large number of tired old houses being replaced by brand new homes across Sydney and Central Coast suburbs. Thousands of families have grabbed the opportunity to transform the [...]
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Which would you prefer? Knowing the full cost of your home upfront before you sign or take your chances and pay more later?

Tue 7th October
We have had a number of prospective clients recently who talked to us before deciding to build with another builder and they have regretted their decision. Naturally we expect that some home buyers will [...]
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