No Nasty Price Surprises

No Nasty Price Surprises

When talking to prospective clients I find they are mainly focused on getting the right design, well constructed, at a price they can afford.

There are many components of course such as getting the colours and styles synchronized but more often than not it seems to come back to those first three factors.

Of all the investments you are likely to make in your life, none is likely to be as big and as important as the family home, so you want it all to go as smoothly as possible. After all, the family home is more than ever your own personal sanctuary and that’s why we design them that way.

The all-up cost of the new home is a vital piece in the puzzle otherwise families would be moving into their new home over budget. That means having to do without essential furnishings or even worse borrow substantially more funds, if indeed that is possible.

Having to borrow more can create anxiety and anger when a new home should be all about excitement and joy. That’s why we introduced our fixed price contract system. The whole idea is to avoid any nasty surprises to unsettle our clients or blow the budget apart.

You can rest assured knowing that, to prepare a fixed price contract we leave no stone unturned. This ensures you have the most accurate information necessary for your site.

We ensure the information regarding your site is site specific and accurate and a true assessment to ensure you know all the costs, right from the start. The great thing is, other than rock, and some sensible time lines, we are able to provide you with the fixed price contract.

There are many technical matters to be covered to ensure that every possible issue is covered. The Wincrest team will take you through the process so that you are fully informed.

I couldn’t imagine anything worse than starting to build a new home thinking “I know the price” only to find there are more costs to be added because they were not included in the price in the first place.

Regardless of the builder you choose to build your home the site specific requirements will be part of building your home on your block of land. You could choose to be informed later but we believe in telling you all the costs up front. It’s the Wincrest way of doing things!

So, with a fixed price contract you can sleep easy knowing the price you receive is what it is going to cost to build your dream home.

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Gerard Caruana