Scared of Sloping Blocks?

Scared of Sloping Blocks?

Found a block of land in an ideal location, but are considering walking away because it’s on a slope? Think again. While building on a sloping block comes with its own set of challenges, it also comes with some fantastic opportunities.

These days, building on a sloping block doesn’t necessarily mean having to cut and fill the land to create a flat platform. It also doesn’t mean you will need expensive, and unattractive, retaining walls. Instead, building on a sloping block means designing and building the perfect family home that works with the slope, not against it.
Here are some of the ways a sloping block can be an advantage when it comes to building your dream home:
Split Level Home Designs

Sloping blocks are perfectly suited to split level home designs, which are the ideal choice for those looking to maximise the space available on their land.  Like a double storey home design, a split level home allows you to build up, creating a larger backyard without compromising the house size. There is also less excavation involved in a split level house – and that can also mean a much flatter driveway!

A Custom Designed Home

You can get more creative when designing on a sloping block with a custom design home. A custom designed home allows you to create the perfect house for your unique block of land. Design a home that takes advantage of stunning views, cross breezes and the natural flow of light. Plus, a custom built home is a guarantee your house will not be a replica of your neighbour’s.

Separate Living Areas

A split level – or custom – design means you can easily incorporate separate living areas into your new home. Have one on each level and make entertaining multiple groups a breeze. Or, choose to locate all the bedrooms on one floor and the living areas on another to create distinct zones.


The land’s natural drainage is better preserved on a sloping block as excess water easily drains away, leaving less drainage concerns.


Sloping blocks are often more affordable to purchase than flat blocks, which is an immediate win. And, when you also incorporate a sloping block house design that maximises the value of the land, you can come out on top.

Take Advantage of Views

One of the greatest advantages of a split level home is they are designed to maximise any views. Their design also lends them to an abundance of natural light and air-flow.

Greater Land Choices

When you open your mind to the opportunities of sloping block house designs, you automatically welcome far greater land options – options you don’t have if you limit yourself to a standard house design.

Up To 7 Metre Fall

Most builders won’t build on a site greater than a 2 metre fall. Wincrest, however offers a choice of homes specifically designed for sloping blocks with up to a 7 metre fall.

When it comes to sloping blocks, it’s about selecting the right builder – one that understands the challenges of the block and can unleash its full potential. Wincrest Homes specialises in split level home designs which work with the natural slope of the land in the most cost-effective way. So whether your land slopes downward, upwards or sideways, speak to us about our new home designs and open your options for your dream home.Regards

Gerard Caruana