Think your block is too steep to build on? Think again.

Did you know… While many builders say they can build on a sloping block, most refuse to build on a block with a slope greater than two metres.

Not Wincrest Bespoke.

While gradient, drainage, light and position can present a challenge when it comes to building on a sloping block, that doesn’t mean your block is unbuildable. Quite the opposite! A sloping block can present a fantastic opportunity to build the perfect family home – one that works with the slope, not against it.

Wincrest Bespoke, with more than 30 years’ experience designing stunning homes for sloping blocks throughout southern Sydney, understand the challenges of building on a sloping block. Our local team of architectural designers will discuss your options and design and build a home that works with the natural slope of the land in the most cost-effective way.

Plus, as your full custom design builder, it’s guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind home that’s tailor made to meet the individual needs of your family, neighbourhood and budget.

So, if your land slopes downward, upwards or sideways, pop into your local Mirada office and meet the team. They’d love to learn more about your sloping block. If you’ve already got architecturally drawn plans, or even DA approved plans, bring them along as we can build from those too.

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