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Mr Laurie Deguara

Our Grand Design

I have been in the heavy construction industry all my working career, and am a qualified Civil Engineer/ Engineering Project Manager. I have also had many investment project homes built by a variety of builders over the years. On this occasion, I have built this home as a downsizer for my retirement. I had my own architect design the house to my specifications and to manage the DA Application.
We were looking at high end builders to take on the construction of our design, as we wanted a very high spec home with all the mod cons.
I approached several local non-project bespoke builders and also decided to try Wincrest, as a check price.

After comparing prices and quality, I decided to go with Wincrest as their submission appeared to provide the best value at a reasonable quality. I was a bit apprehensive at first as all my friends said they are just project builders & you get what you pay for.Even so I knew I could keep a close eye on the build due to my building experience, and we were supplying many of our own high quality fittings.

I must say the quality of the build is excellent and we couldn’t be happier. Wincrest supervisor kept me fully informed and I knew exactly what was going on at all times.

I was impressed by the fact that they did what they said they would do.

I found their staff and management were always cooperative and flexible.

Due to personal reasons I had to move into my new house before it was quite finished, Wincrest allowed me to do external work around the house outside their contract in an effort to get me into the house early. This was very much appreciated.Even at times when the Construction supervisor was away, Wincrest Construction Manager took it upon himself to look after me and chase things up.

We found the Miranda Office very helpful form the beginning and their friendly and experienced staff were a big factor in us deciding on Wincrest to build our home in the first place.

There were several issues, as there always is, and some occasions where I was not satisfied with the workmanship, particularly plumbing and electrical, but these were resolved without hesitation by the supervisor and the sub-contractors.

At the end of the day the final punch list items were minimal, and I must say Wincrest were adamant that they would not hand over a house unless it was ready, they were true to their word. We have been in the house now for two weeks and so far so good.All items have been rectified which is unusual for many builders, even after we got our keys, within the next few days the minor punch list items were rectified.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wincrest Bespoke for your own Grand Design.