Amie and Kenwyn

Amie and Kenwyn

“After a lot of searching around display villages we hadn’t found many builders who accommodated narrow blocks, until we came across the Wincrest Homes Opal design. It was the best we had come across because it didn’t feel narrow and the layout was well designed.

“We liked the home’s style and they allowed changes to the floor plan. It was actually custom designed and built for us. We could also see very clearly what was included in the base price and what wasn’t, so budgeting for the project was much simpler,” said Amie.

“We made three main changes to the original design. Firstly, we extended it because although we had a narrow block it is very long so we were able to make our rooms longer. Secondly, we flipped the kitchen location because we had added the extra rumpus.

“Finally we added an additional balcony so that both our master bedroom and living room had balconies. We took up the option of the open plan design flat roof and we love it. We have a gorgeous wooden staircase with a glass railing with storage under the stairs which we thought was very clever. We were able to do all this thanks to Wincrest’s custom design service,” Amie added.

We didn’t live in their original home on the block because it was not suitable as they had a one year old child at the time. “We were able to live with family and thanks to Wincrest the build took just over six months. We we’re very lucky on both counts”.

We had renovated an old home before but with the amount of work required to make it suitable for their family the wise decision was made to start from scratch and build a new home.

“We were able to able to make appointments with Harry, our supervisor, and tour the site with him on a regular basis to check the progress of our home.

“It was very exciting to watch it all come together and Harry was very helpful all the way through”.

“The Wincrest people were fantastic. They were very helpful, reliable and patient. Harry was great at managing the trades and overseeing their work. He would often be onto them about things we wouldn’t even know to question!

“Not much went wrong thankfully. The brick we chose wasn’t in stock at the brick company so, not wanting to delay the project, we chose another and it ended up being perfect!

“We wanted floor boards but didn’t tell Wincrest early enough of our choice so there were some hiccups with carpentry sizing. But this was corrected as soon as it was identified. Also having floorboards is a two part process so Wincrest had to amend their trades schedule to allow for this which they did without fuss.

“Wincrest were onto the fact that the tiler had become very unreliable near the end and was delaying the project. They quickly appointed another tiler. We moved in two weeks before Christmas so it was the busiest time of the year for tradespeople all over committing to finish people’s homes”, Amie continued.

“We are now a family of four enjoying our beautiful new home. Three months after moving in we had our second baby and we loved being able to bring him back to the home that he will grow up in with his sister.

“We would absolutely recommend Wincrest Homes and in fact we have been doing that already. We would also build with them again because it was a good experience and we achieved everything we wanted in our new home on our narrow block,”