Anglea & Roger

Anglea & Roger

It seems timely that we send you this letter as all your employees (and you) have been amazing throughout the journey that is constructing a new home. None of you ever seemed to begrudge going that extra yard (or do I say ‘metre’ ?) to keep the customer satisfied.

We started working with Cher and then Lisa who then passed us on to Helen and Arthur – with Helena working on our colours etc. Each and every one of them deserves our praise. You have a team that treats customers with respect and who never seem unable to find a solution or answer.

This also goes for your draughtsman who did an amazing job of personalising our plans through many iterations. Just stunning.This is the third house I have built. There was never a problem, never an issue that Wincrest did not resolve quickly, easily and amicably. I kept waiting for the moment when I needed to steel myself for a fight – but it never, never eventuated.

I never thought I would say that the process of building a home was a pleasure, but you and your Wincrest crew have managed to achieve just that.

So – may we thank you for your assistance at every turn – and individually congratulate each of our contacts – Cher, Lisa, Helen, Helena and Arthur.

If you ever feel the need to refer a potential client to someone for a reference we would be happy to oblige.