The Weaver Family

The Weaver Family

They had thought about renovating the old home they lived in.

“In fact we started the process and could see that no matter how much money we poured into it, it would never be a ‘forever home’. That’s when we started searching for a knock down rebuild solution.

“We learned through the renovation process that this was the answer for us,” said Mary.

The Weavers chose the Wincrest Trafalgar design, a two storey, five bedroom home with three bathrooms and a double garage. They changed the design by walling in the formal dining and knocked out the walls where the fifth bedroom was meant to be.

“That gave us a small formal reception at the front of the house and a huge great room, 9m by 7m at the back where we do all our living. We installed a massive sliding door opening onto the deck which runs the width of the house. We love the inside/outside feel of a relaxed and spacious family space and all we have to do is open the doors!”

Wincrest Homes are very flexible with their designs to give clients the opportunity to tailor their home to their needs. The Weavers block had a slope and they went with the cut and fill option which turned out to be the right one.

Four builders were canvassed before Anthony and Mary decided on Wincrest. They wanted to get a sense of what the true total cost would be.

“Wincrest won on price, hands down, and also on all the additional extras thrown in, it made it excellent value in our eyes – but also realistic.

“In the end the total variation on the provisional sums was less than 2% of the build price. This gave us certainty that they knew how to estimate correctly.

“The deciding factor in choosing Wincrest to some extent came down to price as when you have a fixed budget you have to find the house that will suit it. But it was actually the personal service we received at every stage of the tender, documentation and colour selection process and the build itself,” Mary added.

When asked what else they liked about the house, other than what they had already told us, Mary revealed three key points.

“Firstly, the dimensions of the spaces. The design very cleverly ekes out the maximum space of each room. Secondly, the kitchen with the massive storage space, walk-in pantry and the fact that it looks a million dollars with the window above the stove top and third, the laundry chute. Having three children means lots of laundry”.

The Weavers found the Wincrest people absolutely fantastic to deal with. “Stephen spent so much time with me before the tender process and made so many helpful suggestions – even before we had asked for a tender. It gave me the opportunity to be completely happy with the design so when we did get the tender we were ready to go.

“No other builder was as helpful. Karen and Helena were both a pleasure to deal with – very professional and busy but always made time. The colour selection process with Helena added a beautiful finish. Harry, the Site Supervisor, was terrific, no nonsense, just get the job done was his attitude. He was the perfect Supervisor.

“The finished product is excellent so the supervision throughout the build obviously paid off,”.

With both sets of parents living in regional areas to have a fifth bedroom with their own ensuite is a huge benefit to the family.

And, would the Weavers recommend Wincrest Homes to other families looking for a builder? “Absolutely!”, Mary announced enthusiastically. “For cost, personal attention and for build time we really could not have picked better.

In our street, the same week we demolished our house, another house was demolished. We were back living in our new Wincrest home when the builder down the road had only just poured the slab!” .