Time to Start Your New Home Plans

Time to Start Your New Home Plans

There’s a lot to be done when starting plans to build a new home.

If you haven’t got land you have to look for a suitable site or if you’re knocking down an old home you need to think about the right replacement design.

Then of course you have to choose the right builder to complete your dream home and that means visiting display home villages such as Home World. By the time you sort out all the options available that can take weeks.

Of course we hope you come to Wincrest, but one thing is certain Christmas is not far away! Yes, that’s right as at the start of September there are 116 days to Christmas.

The silly season really starts during December when you are likely to be caught up in the rush to buy presents, entertaining and planning holidays or how you are going to entertain the children.

The thought came to my mind that now is a good time to get the home buying process started so that by the time we reach the festive season a lot of the key decisions have been made. That will get you off to a good start to move into a new home in 2015. If you look at our new website you will see that we can build on your land, custom design and construct a new home and also plan and complete a knock down and rebuild project. And, even if you have a sloping block, that no other builder will touch, we can help. On top of all that we are flexible with our standard designs and we can get started on your new home quickly thanks to our Quickstart Complying Development Certificate (CDC) service. Visit one of our display homes in Sydney or the Central Coast to realise your dream of a home to cater for your special lifestyle. Our consultants and staff are ready to educate you to help you make informed decisions.
It sounds crazy but don’t forget Christmas is just 116 days away at the start of September.
More news soon.
Gerard Caruana