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What Does It Really Mean to Custom Design Your Home?

What Does It Really Mean to Custom Design Your Home?

Mon 1st June

You’ll undoubtedly hear the phrase ‘custom home design’ used often if you’re planning to build a new home, but there is a lot of confusion out there about what custom design truly means. Everyone from house and land developers to custom home builders in Sydney might use the term in their communications with clients, but it’s time to be clear on this; true custom design is about much more than simply shifting a couple of walls or making minor adjustments to an existing floor plan.

What is custom home design?

Custom home design is truly one-of-a-kind design. That means that when you walk into your newly built home, every aspect of its design, orientation, spaces, textures and finishes has been considered and tailored to your unique preferences and lifestyle.

Custom design does not begin with an adapted or reused design.

It begins with an in-depth discussion and an entirely blank piece of paper.

Your floor plan should be designed literally from the ground up, taking into account your block of land and its unique characteristics to optimise the space and any outlooks it can offer. Your walls should take into account the size and structure of your family, the way you interact in your living spaces and your future needs. The street appeal should appeal to you above all others. When you see your custom built home designs, you should be able to see yourself right at home.

How to ensure your custom house fits you

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, it’s worth thinking about the lifestyle aspects that make you, you. If you work from home often, you might like a light-filled office with plenty of storage. If you’re into woodworking or working on classic cars in your spare time, a double or triple garage with plentiful storage will be ideal. If you have ageing parents living with you at home or your kids are reaching adulthood, then a separate wing with its own entrance will certainly be worth considering so everyone can maintain independence. And if you love having people over, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of kitchen bench space, a butler’s pantry and a spacious front deck for summer barbecues.

The value in a true custom home design

If you are considering whether you should build or buy an existing home, you might be surprised to learn How long does a knock down rebuild take? Are the costs and associated time worth it? There are a lot of questions you may have about the value in designing a fully customised home. Yes, the finished price may be higher than a standard project home, but with good reason. The biggest benefit to you and your family in deciding to build a custom home over a standard project is that you can build the home that you’ve always imagined.  A truly unique home that ticks all of your boxes – not a “cookie cutter” design that might be perfectly nice but not the home of your dreams.

Wincrest Bespoke is certainly not a project home builder. As experienced luxury custom home builders in Sydney, everything we do centres around delivering the ultimate quality on every bespoke build for our clients. Not only will your home be entirely unique when you build with us, but the way in which we build custom homes, as well as the premium finishes provided, will put your home a cut above the rest. That ensures true value for your investment.


Starting your custom home design

Do you have some scribbled ideas for your dream home on a napkin? Our architectural designers would love to see them. Whether you have a vision or don’t know where to begin, or are working with your own architect to develop your home design, Wincrest Bespoke can work with you to design, construct and bring to life your truly custom home.

So next time you hear any builder say, “yes, we can custom design your home”, be sure to check exactly what they mean by custom. It should always begin with your block of land, a blank piece of paper and plenty of questions about the way you live.