What’s So Different About Wincrest Homes?

What’s So Different About Wincrest Homes?

I think it is quite reasonable for home buyers to ask the question – “What’s so different about Wincrest Homes?”

After all the housing industry generally provides an excellent service to home buyers.
In fact we continuously ask ourselves the same question as a reality check when comparing one builder to another.

The most important areas that you will find Wincrest Homes differ from other builders are:

We offer total design flexibility. This means you can make changes to our standard designs or start from scratch and work with the help of our architectural design team to custom design and build a home to meet your aspirations.

A recent survey undertaken by Wincrest identified fixed price contracts as the number one concern for people looking to build a new home.

We leave no stone unturned in assuring we know everything about your site and its site specific requirements. As every block is different, the site specific requirements will be different from one site to another.

You need to remember when comparing tenders from other builders that as these are site specific costs they will always be there. So, it’s best to know about them before, not after you sign the contract.

The great thing about knowing the costs upfront is that we are able to provide you with a fixed price contract. This gives you peace of mind so that you can manage your budget effectively.

Our team of dedicated professionals provide personal service and two way communication for our customers. Our open door policy means you have access to all levels from administration to senior management. And you can talk to us via our website.

Ask other builders if you can have the business card of the General Manager or Managing Director and see what they say.

All the way through the process we will explain the technical details so that you know exactly what is happening at each stage. Your questions are answered to your satisfaction which is very reassuring. It’s all part of building a new home with a family builder and as a customer you become part of the family.

We find solutions to building on the blocks of land that other builders won’t touch. And, with our Quickstart Complying Development Certificate (CDC) we can simplify the approval process to gain a faster approval turn-around saving you money. Many builders charge for CDC, we reward you by giving you money back if you meet the allocated time frames.

Our clients are always commenting on the efficiency of our build times compared to their friends who are also building a home.

We have a very experienced knock down rebuild team with successes on the board. We will also build two storey homes with the options of steel or timber frames. We were one of the first to introduce two storey steel frames.

So, there you have it. There are quite a few differences that make it worthwhile for home buyers to choose Wincrest.
I am also proud of the fact that if something is not quite right we get it fixed promptly and without fuss. That’s my assurance.

So talk to our consultants and experience the Wincrest difference soon.

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Gerard Caruana