Which would you prefer? Knowing the full cost of your home upfront before you sign or take your chances and pay more later?

Which would you prefer? Knowing the full cost of your home upfront before you sign or take your chances and pay more later?

We have had a number of prospective clients recently who talked to us before deciding to build with another builder and they have regretted their decision.

Naturally we expect that some home buyers will go with another builder. That’s competition.

But a recurring theme coming back to us is “We wish we had gone with Wincrest because the other builder wasn’t cheaper, as we had thought, as they didn’t tell us up front about all the extra costs.

Now, we could postpone telling clients about all the costs associated with the projects. But frankly that is just not the way we do business because we believe you deserve to know up front what your home will cost.

Imagine your shock if we revealed thousands of extra dollars in costs that will destroy your budget not to mention your plans for furnishings and other items for your new home AND your peace of mind.

We do everything possible to make sure we know everything about your site and its specific requirements. As every block is different, the site specific requirements will be different from one site to another.

I think it is important to remember when comparing tenders from other builders that the site specific costs will always be there regardless of whom you choose to build with. It’s crucial to know these costs before, not after you sign your contract.

A good example is piering. Has your builder conducted the necessary geotechnical reports to inform you how much piering will be required on your site? Is it really fixed? Ensure that all geotechnical reports are carried out to the industry standard of 1.8mm (unless they hit rock). Is all of your piering fixed or is it fixed to 50 lineal meters only?

Be sure to ask what costs are involved if you go over the amount of piering stated in your inclusions. Make sure you check to see if deep edged beams are included and always check the driveway gradients – Have they told you that you need to step down the garage?

We are proud of our affordability and our competiveness, providing all the relevant costs are put on the table for a fair comparison.

We invite you to talk to our sales consultants about our fixed price contract and how it gives you the protection you need to stay within your budget.

If you have a price from another builder you are invited to discuss your quote with our experienced consultants who will assist you to make a proper comparison.

Make sure you are comparing apples with apples!

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Gerard Caruana