Wincrest Will Help you Keep Your New Year Resolution

Wincrest Will Help you Keep Your New Year Resolution

Wincrest Will Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution To Move Into a Brand New Home Before Christmas 2014

It’s funny how a lot of us make New Year’s resolutions but we don’t always actually carry them out! Simple things like keeping in touch with friends or exercising more, we seem to put off.

One resolution worth making, AND keeping, will have an enormous impact on your lifestyle and peace of mind – building a new home.

Now, you would expect a home builder like me to say something like that wouldn’t you. But the truth is it would make a big difference to the way your family lives, entertains and enjoys life and that surely is a resolution worth keeping.
In Australia, the family home has become an entertainment centre with alfresco informal entertaining and relaxation becoming the way to go. Generally Australians are easy going and that is reflected in the house we build.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a great looking kitchen design where there’s lot of storage and sleek looking bench space and you overlook all the family fun through to the outdoors. Easy clean tiles are a feature of many modern homes in these areas too.
And, imagine having enough bathrooms for family members so there’s no congestion in the mornings! Or, having that sanctuary where you can have that quiet read or simply relax.
At Wincrest we have made a New Year’s resolution as well. For our customers who deposit in January we will have you moving into your new home by September 2014, Deposit in February and it’s October, deposit in March and it will be November deposit in April and you will be in before Christmas 2014!
So, with the speed and efficiency of the Wincrest Quickstart CDC you could enjoy your new home resolution before 2015. CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate and it means we can have your proposed new home pre-approved at the time of your tender. How’s that? And I am not talking about the cricket.
There are conditions which you can see on our website but it is generally to do with the weather conditions at the time and the CDC being met in the allocated time frame.
So for your 2014 resolution you can say “This year I will move into my new home sooner” and the Wincrest team will help you make it happen.
And, if you need changes to the original design, that’s okay too. Or, if you are knocking down an old home and replacing it with a brand new one, a Wincrest specialisation, then that can be part of your 2014 plans.
So make sure you make your resolution and come into one of our display centres and it will all happen. As a family company we know how special Christmas is for families.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

See you in the New Year!
Gerard Caruana