Wincrest’s Site Inspections

Wincrest’s Site Inspections

“Builders were always telling us they could build our dream home. They’d never even ask about our land! After we’d pay for the tender they’d tell us it wasn’t possible to build the home we wanted on a block like ours…”

You would be surprised how often a client comes to us with a story like the one above. A story about a builder that promises everything just to get a customer through the door. But how can you promise to build a house design on a block of land you’ve never seen?

Put simply, you can’t.

A land’s size, shape, slope and surrounds – including drainage and location of gas and water pipes – will often determine the type of house you can build. This means there are times when a family may have to slightly change their design idea, to ensure it works with their land.

For example, a family with a block of land that slopes heavily to the back, may need to consider a split-level home if they want to maintain cost-effectiveness. And it is our job, as home builders, to ensure buildability and functionality of those designs without compromise on the family’s original ideas or budget.

To effectively achieve this, the builder must have a comprehensive understanding of the block of land – prior to developing the tender.

That’s why we offer site inspections to all qualified customers. We find it not only allows us to get to know the land better, it also provides the client with the opportunity to ask questions and make more informed decisions about their new home.

As part of the Wincrest VIP Service, we arrange for one of our local area experts to meet you on site to assess your land and talk to you about the type of house you want to build. We also commission experts to provide contour surveys and carry out the necessary assessments to ensure we have the most up-to date and accurate information for your site.

After that, we can start to talk about design specifics and pricing.

Contact your local Wincrest office today to arrange your site inspection.