Stamping Your Personality on Your Home

Stamping Your Personality on Your Home

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to new homes the cover, or exterior facade, does make the first and lasting impression.

In a lot of ways your home is an expression of your family’s personality and your attitude to life. In Australia the family home has always been considered “the castle” and I think, if anything, it is more so today.

So the facade of your new home is important as it sets the scene for what is to come. Here at Wincrest we provide a range of facade options for each of our designs so that our clients can select the facade that best suits for its aesthetic appeal.

The local topography plays a role in the choice because of its character and there may be views you can take advantage of with a well positioned balcony.

The land shape and dimensions can also be an influence. If you are building a split level home for instance, interesting effects can be created.

It’s very much a personal choice of course and what is attractive to one, may not be to another. That’s why we can only suggest certain colour solutions as the final choice is yours.

When we talk about facades we are not just talking about the external walls. There are the eves and guttering, the roof, downpipes, doors and windows to take into account to create an harmonious look. Window furnishings can complement the overall look with shutters and stylish blinds being popular.

Landscapers would probably argue that the role of the external garden is important to the overall picture. The garden can certainly bring natural colour to the mix and soften the overall look.

The good thing with facade choice is you can avoid the mass produced look where every house in the street looks the same.

Today we have so many more choices in brick colours and styles as well as rendered finishes. Just think of all the new paint colours and the new building products available such as stack stone and fibre cement products.

The composite facade is very popular at the moment with a delightful mix of brick, render, timber, stone, glass and steel together with new paint colours creating imaginative presentations.

Just think, I have been talking about the facade of your new home and we haven’t even walked in the front door yet. How exciting is that!

All this might seem a little daunting so talk to our design team about our facade choices and they will help with your selection.

More news soon.
Gerard Caruana