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Custom Home Builders in Western Sydney

Crafting your custom home in Western Sydney

Wincrest Bespoke creates luxurious, fully custom designed homes that set the benchmark in new home standards. Having been custom home builders in Western Sydney for over 30 years, the team at Wincrest Bespoke are local area experts and understand the different housing styles and trends that make a home in Western Sydney unique.

Work with established, expert Western Sydney builders

Western Sydney offers a diverse range of blocks of land that all vary greatly in terms of shape and size. But for all of their differences, they share one thing in common: they present homeowners with the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Sydney’s most promising region.

The block sizes in Western Sydney are comparatively larger than in the rest of the city. This provides property owners with more space to integrate in their home design without paying unreasonable costs.

For over 35 years, Wincrest Bespoke has had extensive experience in building luxury custom homes in Western Sydney. Our team of Western Sydney builders is fully aware of local knowledge - from terrain to council regulations. These insights provide a reliable foundation to support and streamline the design and construction processes.

Why build a custom
home in Western Sydney?

Western Sydney offers some of the best land to build on in Australia. Spanning nearly 9,000 square kilometres, Western Sydney is comparatively more affordable than other areas of Sydney with expansive, lush suburbs that are brimming with vacant land and knockdown rebuild opportunities. Western Sydney boasts numerous up-and-coming suburbs that are consistently attracting families who are drawn to the lifestyle that the West provides. With great schools, parks and local attractions, Western Sydney is the perfect place to build a new lifestyle in a community-centred neighbourhood.

No matter whether you want a property overlooking the picturesque backdrop of the Blue Mountains or set amidst the hustle and bustle of Parramatta, building a custom home in Western Sydney offers you the chance to start a new chapter in your life in a prime location.

Create something
that is uniquely yours

Your home should be tailored to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Building your custom home with Wincrest Bespoke allows you to create something meaningful that reflects your lifestyle. Our designers and home builders in Western Sydney begin each project with an open mindset, letting your insights guide each and every detail. With a Wincrest Bespoke build, you and your family assume full control of your home, from its exterior to the interior. What follows is the creation of a luxurious home that incorporates purposeful, sustainable design features. By creating a luxury home that is designed purposefully for you and your family, you will ultimately settle down in a home that enhances your living situation, making your everyday lifestyle all the more enjoyable.

Build with your block and location in mind

At the start of each project, Wincrest Bespoke analyses your block to determine how we can fully capitalise on its natural benefits and compliment its surroundings. If you have recently acquired a vacant property in Western Sydney, our expertise in double storey builds, acreage home designs and sloping block builds can help you design a spacious home that includes all of your dream features.

Outside of vacant lots of land, Western Sydney also offers countless opportunities for a knock down rebuild project. There are thousands upon thousands of older homes in the West waiting to be transformed into a stunning, luxury home that better reflects its incredible location.

Our knock down rebuild expertise can be put to full use in Western Sydney. Regardless of whether you’ve recently purchased an older home, or are interested in building a luxury home without uprooting your life, a knock down rebuild project presents unlimited opportunities. In addition to increasing property value, a knock down rebuild provides property owners with the chance to live life the way they want. Wincrest home designs optimise the land your home is set upon, allowing you to take full advantage of your prime location in Western Sydney.

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