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We love our home!!

We have been in our home since 2017 and love it! We are impressed with the finishes and inclusions and found it to be well priced when compared to other building companies. Many of the other new homes in our area had water damage in the recent storms but not us!! The team were lovely and super helpful too! Highly recommend !


Our Grand Design

I have been in the heavy construction industry all my working career, and am a qualified Civil Engineer/ Engineering Project Manager. I have also had many investment project homes built by a variety of builders over the years. On this occasion, I have built this home as a downsizer for my retirement. I had my own architect design the house to my specifications and to manage the DA Application. We were looking at high end builders to take on the construction of our design, as we wanted a very high spec home with all the mod cons. I approached several local non-project bespoke builders and also decided to try Wincrest, as a check price.

After comparing prices and quality, I decided to go with Wincrest as their submission appeared to provide the best value at a reasonable quality. I was a bit apprehensive at first as all my friends said they are just project builders & you get what you pay for.Even so I knew I could keep a close eye on the build due to my building experience, and we were supplying many of our own high quality fittings.

I must say the quality of the build is excellent and we couldn't be happier. Wincrest supervisor kept me fully informed and I knew exactly what was going on at all times.

I was impressed by the fact that they did what they said they would do.

I found their staff and management were always cooperative and flexible.

Due to personal reasons I had to move into my new house before it was quite finished, Wincrest allowed me to do external work around the house outside their contract in an effort to get me into the house early. This was very much appreciated.Even at times when the Construction supervisor was away, Wincrest Construction Manager took it upon himself to look after me and chase things up.

We found the Miranda Office very helpful form the beginning and their friendly and experienced staff were a big factor in us deciding on Wincrest to build our home in the first place.

There were several issues, as there always is, and some occasions where I was not satisfied with the workmanship, particularly plumbing and electrical, but these were resolved without hesitation by the supervisor and the sub-contractors.

At the end of the day the final punch list items were minimal, and I must say Wincrest were adamant that they would not hand over a house unless it was ready, they were true to their word. We have been in the house now for two weeks and so far so good.All items have been rectified which is unusual for many builders, even after we got our keys, within the next few days the minor punch list items were rectified.

I would not hesitate to recommend Wincrest Bespoke for your own Grand Design.

Mr Laurie Deguara

Had an excellent experience

We needed more space for our growing family of 5, but we didn’t want to move from the area. We thought a renovation would be the most economical choice for us but we thought we would check the price of a renovation to a knock down re-build. We found that we were able to build a brand new home for the same budget we had set for a renovation. When we weighed it all up, we decided that it was worth doing a knock down and rebuild, as we could have a design that suited our family’s needs now and into the future. My wife was also very excited because our home would have some of the modern inclusions that she has always wanted. Because of the odd size and shape of our block, we were not able to fit a standard project home on it. Then we heard about Wincrest Bespoke and how they can custom design a home to suite your block and that they could also help us with the demolition, and landscaping if we wanted to. We rang head office and organised a site inspection and then a meeting with the Design Manager and discussed our land and the best way to include the features that we really wanted incorporated into our new home. Having their design team in-house made all the communication nice and easy. We were a little apprehensive as this was our first build but we are very happy to say our home was built on time and most importantly on budget. There were some extra rain delays but we can’t control the weather. We want to thank the whole team at Wincrest Bespoke for making helping us design and build such a beautiful family. We would recommend Wincrest Bespoke to anyone considering a custom home.

H Tran

Wonderful experience and love our dream home!

We have been living in our dream home for over a year now and we are enjoying every moment! Our home is designed based on the nature slop of the land, therefore it made construction very difficult, we even have few builders turn down the job. After a few quotation comparisons, Wincrest was not only the best price offered and also with a lot of complimentary extras. The best part of this whole experience was the weekly follow-up with pictures from our site supervisor Alex as we were living on the other side of Sydney! The Wincrest team was always quick on responding and honest on costings. The warranty team also doing their best to fix up the house where have the issue with. Overall, we are pleased to choose Wincrest to build our home! We would highly recommend Wincrest to anyone who is looking for a quality reliable builder!


They managed to build a great home on our terrible block.

After being turned away from any builders on our steep block we approached Wincrest to see if they could take us on. Not only were they able to but put many of our concerns to rest. We were quite picky during the design process which Wincrest fully accommodated. The house is well build and we are very happy with the overall result.

Mitch N.

We love our home!

We love our home! Right from the start the process was easy and the team was friendly. We get a lot of compliments on the home and would recommend Wincrest to anyone!

Sarah C

Home Sweet Home - I would recommend Wincrest bespoke for a Knockdown and Rebuild

When it came to selecting a knockdown and rebuild partner we were surprised by how few project home firms would work with us because we had >1m of fall on our land. Right from the beginning Wincrest Bespoke stood out for their willingness to work with us, to understand our needs and wants, and to build *our* dream home.

The design phase was excellent, and the management of regulatory compliance issues was all taken care of with no fuss. The standard inclusions are at a level you want, and ultimately selections are entirely up to you if you have a strong desire to work outside the standard offerings. For example, double glazed windows I didn't appreciate until we moved in. There was none of the package selections nonsense other builders were offering, where even their super premium offerings were still 7 levels from the top, it is just good quality standard inclusions. And none of the basics like ceiling downlights or power points were shortchanged for the house - there was enough provisioned for every room. Partners like Amalfi tiles were excellent at design and advice (we love our bathrooms but we spent up on tiles!), and Southwest Electrical have been amazing in every interaction (design, install, instructions on use, reasonable price, etc.).

I have yet to meet the home builder who had an uninterrupted build - we got shut down for 2 weeks for COVID right at the start of our build which threw the schedule out, but Wincrest made sure we got the frames for our build before supply was disrupted and prices were impacted. We then had a triple El Nino weather event which gave rise to days lost to wet weather. Once we reached lock up however, the process was well managed and the build really accelerated towards handover.

I am really pleased with the work of the finishing trades - the plastering, tiling (and we have 3 in the family who can verify), painting and rendering are all completed to a very nice standard. I understand Wincrest Bespoke is now offering finishing touches including full flooring and landscaping, and I would encourage novices to bundle as much of this as possible with your builder for a seamless project. If not, at least coordinate with a landscaper very early on so you can get machinery to the back of your block before there is a house in the way.

A real testament to the build quality was the reports from my independent assessor, and I quote: "BUILDING SUMMARY: Overall, this property was observed to be in excellent condition". Within the report were pages of photographed defects, however 95% were marks on the painted walls which were fully corrected as soon as they were pointed out (maybe you will be smarter than me and not select white walls for a building site). Wincrest Bespoke has been good in correcting the remainder.

I think home builders probably need to have a 30% to 50% contingency in their budgets, especially in the Bespoke space where you can really get excited with finishing touches. I want to caution borrowers that occupation certificate may come months after practical completion, and final release of funds could be linked to you being issued an occupation certificate, so you need to provision sufficient contingency to pay the last construction payment and get your keys. You'll be glad to receive that payment when you get your OC for furniture to fill your new house!

I want to thank the Wincrest Bespoke team, with a shout to one person in particular who will know, for the home they have created for my family.


I would recommend this builder to anyone considering knockdown/rebuild

Wincrest designed and built our new home on a relatively small and sloping block. We are very happy with the quality of work undertaken and their management of the entire process. Highly recommended

Ross McDougall

We were most impressed with Wincrest Bespoke from the onset with regards to their price packages, custom designed floor plans, staff support and open communication. The construction journey began and we didn't envisage Covid lockdowns, material and trade shortages, wet weather and numerous variations. We forged through these challenges and the Wincrest team assisted at every stage to make it to the end. One and a half years later, we couldn't be happier with the quality and outcome of our home. Thanks to Lance, the General Manager, who was professional, responsive, polite and kept all lines of communication open. A great result!

Mary Theos
8 Must Haves When Building Your Custom Home in Sydney

We have been a customer of Wincrest Bespoke for a number of years and we are currently starting our 7th home. We have built different types of homes that Wincrest Bespoke has custom-designed for us, some on challenging blocks with sloping sites such as the block in North Bowgalah.  They were very helpful in the design and construction of the home.  We have had some challenges but Wincrest has always talked with us and found a solution. In finding the right builder. It was very important for us to find a builder that we felt comfortable with and could trust. As we travel a lot, it was important to find a builder who could manage our projects whilst we were overseas. It was particularly important that all parties were kept informed. We keep going back to Wincrest Bespoke because we know we can trust the quality of the build, we always receive open and honest communication and sound advice from all team members. We can happily say that all of the homes that we have built with Wincrest Bespoke have been built on time and on budget. We could not speak more highly of the Wincrest Bespoke team. We certainly would not be starting our 7th home if we were not happy with the quality and service we receive from Wincrest Bespoke. We have referred many of my family and friends to design and build with Wincrest Bespoke and will continue to do so.