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H Tran

Had an excellent experience

We needed more space for our growing family of 5, but we didn’t want to move from the area. We thought a renovation would be the most economical choice for us but we thought we would check the price of a renovation to a knock down re-build. We found that we were able to build a brand new home for the same budget we had set for a renovation. When we weighed it all up, we decided that it was worth doing a knock down and rebuild, as we could have a design that suited our family’s needs now and into the future. My wife was also very excited because our home would have some of the modern inclusions that she has always wanted. Because of the odd size and shape of our block, we were not able to fit a standard project home on it. Then we heard about Wincrest Bespoke and how they can custom design a home to suite your block and that they could also help us with the demolition, and landscaping if we wanted to. We rang head office and organised a site inspection and then a meeting with the Design Manager and discussed our land and the best way to include the features that we really wanted incorporated into our new home. Having their design team in-house made all the communication nice and easy. We were a little apprehensive as this was our first build but we are very happy to say our home was built on time and most importantly on budget. There were some extra rain delays but we can’t control the weather. We want to thank the whole team at Wincrest Bespoke for making helping us design and build such a beautiful family. We would recommend Wincrest Bespoke to anyone considering a custom home.