The Family Home – More Important than Ever

The Family Home – More Important than Ever

The news lately has been full of talk about the Federal Budget, our aging population, increasing the retirement age, large budget deficits and a lot more.

No doubt we are being softened up for what will be a fairly tough budget although probably not as tough as we might think.

It all got me thinking about the future and how we should prepare for retirement and our later years. It struck me that one really important thing we can do is to own our own home by the time we reach our retirement years in addition to superannuation.

The quicker we are established in the family home the better. It’s our sanctuary and the way we build our homes these days they are the centre of family comfort, entertainment and fun. As is often said the home is our castle!

Owning your own home fully, means buying the right design at the right place and getting it paid off as soon as is possible. That’s not easy, particularly in the early years but of course that’s when the biggest savings are to be made in reduced interest due to extra payments.

Here at Wincrest our team is focused on providing forward thinking, quality designs in keeping with the latest trends, at a competitive price to provide the best possible value for our clients.

Your home will grow in value, increasing your wealth, so that when it comes to easing back in the later years you will be in a position to do so comfortably. There is the option of downsizing if you wish at that stage. The good thing is that you are in control of the decision making.

Contrast that with renting over a lifetime and it is easy to see why home ownership is so important.

Families may find in future the children will continue to live at home for an extended period to enable them to be able to afford to get into the property market. I am aware that is already happening in many areas.

So, as I said at the start, the family home is more important than ever.

More news soon.
Gerard Caruana