7 Reasons You Should Build a Custom Home

When it comes to finding your next home, you might choose to buy an existing home, build off the plan, or request an entirely bespoke solution to suit your needs. There’s a multitude of reasons that building a custom home is the superior choice – and here are seven of the most compelling.

  1. You’ll love the design.
    Pure and simple, a custom home is designed specifically for you. We take into account which architectural styles you love, how much space you’ll need and how you love to live. The result is a home that suits you: A house you’ll love looking at as you pull into the driveway, and somewhere that truly looks and feels like home.

  2. Spaces are designed for your lifestyle.
    When building a custom home, you can prioritise what matters to you. If your family loves watching a movie together every Friday night, then let us design an epic home cinema to suit. If you’re big on entertaining, let us design a multi-function space that provides the perfect backdrop for your gatherings.

  3. Your home is designed for your block.
    Every block of land is unique, and every home should be too. The best custom home builders in Sydney can bring out the full potential in a block of land through custom services, particularly for sloping blocks, narrow blocks and unusually shaped blocks. Your home can be customised to make the most of views, light, ventilation and more.

  4. You’ll be surrounded by your colours and your choices.
    You simply don’t need to put up with someone else’s taste in paint colours, bathroom finishes or door handles. Your custom home building process will include the ability to select finishes that you’ll love to be surrounded by every day. There’s a real sense of joy in using a kitchen benchtop that you personally chose, for example.

  5. You can get great value for your investment.
    Why buy an existing home or build an off-the-plan home that doesn’t quite suit, when you can build a bespoke home to suit your needs? When you consider the square-metre value you get with a custom home, it’s an easy choice. Thoughtful custom design ensures that you won’t be paying for anything you don’t want – and everything you do.

  6. You could well have lower energy bills.
    Building materials and energy-efficient design principles have come a long way in recent years. In working with the right builder, you can have a new home that is positioned perfectly to catch winter sun, allows fresh breezes through living spaces in the summer and is built with energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems.

  7. Maintenance will be minimal.
    A brand-new custom house means no old plumbing issues, no shady electrical work and no peeling paint to deal with. It’s all modern, clean and bright, ready for you to move in. That means years of enjoyment and time to spend in the garden or relaxing, rather than fixing.

Life’s too short to live in a house you don’t love. To get started on your own design, get in touch with the respected Wincrest Bespoke team today. Our stunning custom home designs demonstrate our expertise as luxury custom home builders in Sydney.

The Knock Down & Rebuild Process – 6 Things You Should Know

You might be planning to knock down and rebuild in Sydney for a number of reasons:

  • You envision a better-designed home and layout in place of your current home.
  • Your current home is showing its age, requiring costly repairs or renovations.
  • Your family is outgrowing your home, or alternatively you’re looking to downsize or simplify.

As you explore the process of a knock down and rebuild in Sydney, here are six things worth keeping in mind to ensure your home building journey goes smoothly.

  1. Site inspection and assessment
    Once you’ve decided how much you can spend to knock down and rebuild on your home block, the first step is to have your builder conduct an initial site inspection and consultation. We assess the size, slope, shape and surroundings of your land and speak with you in depth about your vision for your new home. Sloping blocks are often more affordable to buy than flat blocks. You see, it is all about selecting the right builder. A builder like Wincrest Bespoke understands the challenges of a sloping block and has the experience to realise its full potential. At the site inspection, a realistic estimate price guide will be given to build your dream home on your block.

    What you should know: You can either work with our own architectural designers or bring your architect’s DA-approved design to us. We can work closely with your architect to interpret and realise the vision you have for your home.

  2. Design and consultation
    Our specialist team of architectural designers will work with you to design a custom home that makes the most of your site’s views, light, breezes and location to suit your lifestyle. When you love the design, we consult with certifiers, engineers and trades to present you with a tender that outlines all costs clearly.

    What you should know: If your site has a slope or a unique shape, then it’s worth building with a specialist builder such as Wincrest Bespoke who understands the challenges of designing and building on unique blocks. While gradient, drainage, light and position can present a challenge when it comes to building on sloping blocks, it does not mean your block is unbuildable. Instead, Wincrest Bespoke sees it as an opportunity to build a perfect family home; one that works with the shape and slope of your block, not against it.

  3. Pre-construction approval
    Here we work with you to finalise the preliminary draft plans, which will include a site plan, floor plans and elevations, all meticulously designed to meet local building requirements. We’ll work with you to address any changes you might like to see. Once you’re completely happy to sign off we submit all documentation to apply for DA or CDC approval on your behalf. As this is happening, you’ll be able to choose colours, finishes and products for your new home.

    What you should know: There are two options for building approval: A Development Application (DA) from your local council; or if applicable, a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) which can lead to faster approval saving you time and money. Your builder will help to determine which might be right for your needs.

  4. Demolition approval and commencement
    As we gain DA or CDC approval, it’s time to obtain a Demolition Permit from your local council. We can introduce you to a demolition specialist who can begin the process of demolishing the current building. Here’s where you say goodbye to your old home as the space for your new home is cleared.

    What you should know: Services on the property such as gas, electricity and sewers must be disconnected prior to demolition. The position of fences, the water metre and trees may also need to be considered, but your demolition specialist will confirm what is necessary for your property.

  5. Construction commences
    Once your block is cleared and all approvals are in place, your builder begins work on building your custom home. You’ll have regular updates from your dedicated Senior Building Supervisor and a member of the construction team, who will ensure everything is running smoothly on site.

    What you should know: An independent quality control professional will conduct inspections throughout the building process so you can be sure the highest standards are being met.

  6. Handover
    There is one final independent inspection prior to completion, where you’ll walk through your home with the Senior Building Supervisor. Once you have received your keys, you are free to move in and relax in your brand new custom house.

    What you should know: Our experienced custom home building team can help you to navigate the entire building process from initial site inspection to handover with our comprehensive services, making the entire journey an enjoyable and stress-free experience for you.

If you’re considering Wincrest Bespoke as your custom home builders in Sydney, you can explore our custom home design gallery or read our testimonials from delighted homeowners. We’d be happy to visit your address and explore the potential for your block and new home.

Knock Down & Rebuild: What Costs Can You Expect in Sydney?

Is your home starting to show its age? Perhaps it’s had a few additions over the years and the cracks are starting to show. Maybe there’s a long to-do list, from plumbing to structural work to painting. For many homeowners, this is the point when they choose between pouring money into fixing their existing home and starting afresh. And it raises one big question: how much will it cost to knock down and rebuild in Sydney? It may be surprising to hear that the cost per square metre can actually be cheaper than renovating.

Comparing renovating costs versus knock down and rebuild costs in Sydney

It’s worth considering the costs on either side of the decision. On one hand, renovations can quickly become expensive, with no guarantee of a polished finish. Some home owners might face quotes of $10,000 or more to resolve a major plumbing issue, while a new kitchen can cost between $12,000 and $20,000 on average. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are common in older houses, and both of these projects can take a significant budget to complete professionally.

When making the choice of knocking down and rebuilding, there’s the cost of demolition and the cost of designing and building to factor in. Demolitions can typically range from about $10,000 to $15,000 to clear your land, while your custom home budget will be entirely up to you. There may be professional costs for the testing, safe handling and disposal of asbestos, if it is present on your property. There can also be some costs of living elsewhere while your new home is being built.

The upside is, that in working with a custom home builder you’ll be moving into a stunning new home that is entirely bespoke. You’ll have living spaces that are designed for your family and the way you love to live. You could have plenty of storage, from walk-in closets to spacious pantries. You’ll also have a home that uses your block of land to its full potential. That can eliminate a range of problems that an existing property can have – from awkward garage entries, to living spaces that cost a lot to heat because of their poor design.

The other benefit – and one that our clients love – is that by knocking down and rebuilding, you’ll be living in a clean, bright and welcoming house with no major maintenance required for a long time to come.

Factoring in emotional costs

There can be another, less tangible cost to renovations and rebuilds, and that is the potential emotional toll. The time and energy spent on finding and vetting multiple renovation contractors and monitoring their work can be draining – and doing renovation work yourself is a whole new level of tiring!

Building a new home also requires working with a team to realise an end goal, but by you can experience a smooth and stress-free process. At Wincrest Bespoke we have a dedicated project manager on each build who is your main point of contact for our services, and our team provides a fixed price for the project to provide peace of mind. From design to finish, you can rest assured knowing we’ll guide you through the process without pressure or hidden costs. That feeling in itself can be invaluable. Can link to Article 1 once published: 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Custom Home Designer in Sydney

To get started, why not arrange an initial onsite inspection with Wincrest Bespoke and explore the possibilities for your property?

Your Quick Guide to DA Approvals in NSW

You may be planning a new home build, a knock down and rebuild or a major renovation to your property. If this is the case, these works will require DA approval before work can begin. Here, we answer the most common questions asked about the approval process in New South Wales.

What is a DA approval?

A development application, or DA, is a request for legal documentation that will permit a development to go ahead on a specific lot of land in accordance with local planning requirements. DA approval is typically provided by your local council.

How do I get DA approval in NSW?

You can submit a DA to your local council, or have a DA submitted on your behalf. The process can be quite complex depending on what the planned works involve and where the property is located, and can take anywhere from two weeks to a number of months for the council to process.

If you’re working with a builder, architect or engineer to make a change to your property, they’ll typically prepare and submit the DA on your behalf. The benefit to this is that a local building or design team will often be familiar with the unique rules of your council area, so designs and applications can be tailored to suit. As such, gaining approval can be a far smoother process when working with a professional provider.

You might prefer to engage one team who can both design and build a home; or to engage a builder who can provide a design and gain DA approval on your behalf before taking these DA-approved plans to your builder of choice. At Wincrest Bespoke we provide both options for our clients.

How much does DA approval cost in NSW?

The cost of submitting a development application will vary depending on the nature and cost of the works, and which local council your property is located in. DA fees can range from a couple of hundred dollars for minor works to thousands of dollars for a large project. You can usually find a schedule of fees and charges on your local council’s website.

If working with a custom builder in Sydney who submits a DA on your behalf, this cost may be included as part of the services they provide.

How long does a DA approval last in NSW?

Once again, this depends on the works and which local council your property is situated in. DA approvals will specify a lapsing date, which are typically two to five years from the date of consent. This means that the approved building, engineering or construction work must commence within this time period. Extensions may be available upon application to the local council. If you’re building or knocking down and rebuilding a home with a custom builder like Wincrest Bespoke, then the process will be streamlined to ensure you step into your new home as soon as possible.

Is there an alternative to a DA that might be faster?

Yes there is! It’s called a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) and it can streamline the approval process significantly – in fact, plans can have approval within 10 days rather than months. A CDC is issued by a private certifier rather than council and verifies that the plans abide by state government regulations against the rigorous planning and environmental criteria. Another benefit is that in order to lodge for a CDC all total costs must be provided upfront, so you’ll receive a final cost for your home early in the process.

You can visit one of our offices or call your local Wincrest Bespoke team to find out if you can be in your brand new home faster with CDC.