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The Difference Between a True Custom Home Builder & a Project Home Builder

Why Choose a Custom Home Builder vs a Project Home?

Wed 29th July

Knowing how to find the best custom home builders in Sydney suited to your goals can help safeguard the success of your new property. If you’ve been searching through display villages and floor plans but just haven’t found a design that speaks to you, then you might consider building with a custom home builder instead of a project home builder. So what are the main differences between the two? And is it cheaper to build or buy a project home? 

The home design

The single, most important difference between a project home builder and a custom home builder is the home design. Project home builders begin with a pre-planned home design and might make minor adjustments to that design to suit your family and lifestyle. Custom home builders such as Wincrest Bespoke will start from the ground up when it comes to your design. Each wall, window and detail of your home is designed specifically for you for a beautiful, bespoke result. It’s a little like comparing a store-bought suit that’s been adjusted to fit, versus a custom suit that’s been tailor-made to fit your style and measurements. The choice is obvious!


One of the primary reasons that clients choose Wincrest Bespoke as a custom home builder over a typical project home builder is that the client wishes to build something truly out of the ordinary, and specifically designed for their block rather than a cookie cutter type of home.

Design changes

Whether you have a complete home vision in mind or not, you’ll want your home to suit your needs.

With a project home builder, you might be able to pay more to request changes to aspects such as room size or ceiling height, but there are often some elements that are fixed – for example, you can’t simply decide to move a load-bearing wall to create an open-plan living area. With a custom home builder, the process is entirely different. You’ll sit down with your architectural designer and set out your prerequisites and preferences right at the beginning of the process. For those wondering how long does it take to build a house, this can dramatically decrease excess time and ensure that your construction schedule stays on track.

Designs for unique, narrow and sloping blocks

While a pre-designed floor plan from a project builder may suit a standard flat block of land, it may not suit a narrow, sloping or unusually shaped block. In that case, it might once again cost more to adapt a pre-designed plan to suit that block or the block to suit the plan. A sloping block build specialist such as Wincrest Bespoke can design stunning double storey or split level home designs for sloping blocks that will not only save you a significant amount of money by minimising earthworks onsite, but can actually make the most of the natural views, fresh air and sunlight. Our expertise in building and designing house plans for sloping blocks and uniquely shaped blocks is another key reason that clients choose to work with Wincrest Bespoke as their custom home builder.

Many property owners will be considering the value of an architecturally designed home versus a project home. A project home builder might allow a certain scope of variations, but any significant changes can add to the final cost of building your home. This could be an expensive way to get something close to – but not quite – what you had in mind! With the right custom home builder, you can have your dream home built to your exacting standards and within the cost parameters that you’ve set for your build. For example, the in-depth design process with Wincrest Bespoke includes a clear fixed-price contract so you can expect a completely personalised design without any surprises.

There’s another key benefit when it comes to considering value for your investment, and that’s the long-term appeal of the property. A unique custom home will typically have a higher resale value than that of a project home. This can apply to rental returns too; a home our NSW acreage home builders recently completed in Balgowlah Heights is fetching $2,200 per week, for example.

Inclusions, upgrades and exclusions

One of the most enjoyable parts of building a home is choosing the finishes and details of your new house. Project home builders will typically include a select number of options for things like window coverings, paint colours or floor options. Anything outside of this scope usually incurs an additional price. With custom home builders in Sydney, there are no bounds to what you can choose. If you’d like underfloor heating, a mix of floor surfaces or extra-high ceilings, we can incorporate this right into the initial design. It’s a clever way to build. Instead of being very limited in the inclusions in your home, a custom build allows you to hand-pick any fixtures, fittings and products to reflect the exquisite look and feel of your luxury home.

Building a custom home is entirely different to building a project home, and the final result will speak for itself. If you do decide to build a custom home, then working with an experienced custom home builder is key. They’ll be your true partner in designing and constructing a unique home that’s perfectly bespoke to you, your family, your land and lifestyle.

With Wincrest Bespoke you can work with your professional architectural designers, or we can bring your DA-approved architectural designs to reality. You can hear from delighted clients, and explore our services to find out more.