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How to Design & Choose A Style for Your New Home in Sydney

How to Design & Choose A Style for Your New Home in Sydney

Fri 3rd April

Home style is a highly personal thing – after all, our homes reflect who we are and how we live. While some of us love classic and cosy, others are after innovative and contemporary. The choices can feel particularly overwhelming when it comes to custom designing and building a home. If you’re unsure of how to choose a design style for your home or even how to describe the style you’re looking for, then let’s explore the two important considerations: the exterior and interior styles of your future home.

Architectural styles

Sydney home architecture tends to draw inspiration from various influences: our spectacular weather, European design and the aspects of our local culture that embrace the outdoors and entertaining. There are many historical styles to explore, from Colonial and Federation homes to Art Deco and beyond. However, many new homes today centre around two central styles:

  • ModernistWhile modernist style first flourished in the post-war years to the 1970s, the warmth and openness of this architectural style seems to tap into the Australian psyche, and as such it can provide endless inspiration for modern home designs. The style is simple yet welcoming, typically with full-length windows to open the home up to the natural light and environment. Flat or raked roofs, geometric angles and the use of natural timbers create character and a timeless simplicity.
  • ContemporaryWhere modernism is warm, contemporary style is often cool. This architectural style typically shares the expansive windows and flat roofing of modernism but adds cool contemporary styling with sleek materials such as metal and exposed concrete, and deep neutral tones such as charcoal grey. Neutral timbers or textures are often used to add a sense of fluidity or texture to exteriors. Sustainability can be a key aspect of contemporary homes, including passive solar design and thoughtfully reused materials.

Home interior styles

Your interior styling will shape how you live in your new home. There are a number of modern choices in how to design your home interior that prove popular with our custom home clients:

  • Contemporary or Scandi-style interiors evoke calmness with light timbers, natural textures and neutral colours.
  • Resort-style interiors are indulgent and relaxing, often with sand-coloured neutral tones and luxe touches.
  • Classic interiors are inviting – think warm whites, local timbers and composed colours.

Essentially, your home design should centre around your lifestyle and location. Are you looking forward to opening up your home whenever the sky is blue with expansive entertaining spaces? Does the site contain mature eucalyptus trees to incorporate into the view? Do you require a clever multi-level design to make the most of a sloping site, or will you require separate wings for your grown children and their families to stay? Your architect or designer should be asking these factors when considering how to design a new home that’s perfect for you.

Whether you have a vision in mind for your new abode or no idea of where to begin, the right builder can help you navigate the process of how to build a custom home. With Wincrest Bespoke you can choose to work with our specialist team of architectural designers or with your own architect of choice. Whichever process you prefer, we’ll help you bring your lifestyle to reality in a stunning new home.